Monday, October 31, 2005

Sin of the Universe

It took me awhile figure out what to wear for Halloween. I had to work, so it had to be appropriate for that, but still be scary. In the end, I decide to Wednesday Addams it:

You guessed it. I went as a Disgruntled Employee, one of the most scary things in a workplace. I should have brought along a copy of Solder of Fortune and Disgruntled Employee Quarterly along, to complete the outfit. Gun and Ammo would have helped, but they're actually hard to find now.

No, I'm not really disgruntled, but it sounded good since I didn't have a costume. So, to my coworkers and Sports Authority management; nothing to be afraid of. At least, not yet.

Holloween usually leads me to commit the Sin of the Galaxy. Let me guess; You're wondering just what that is. If you've been reading my blog, you probably already know.

I like Milky Way candy bars. Actually, I like the little minis. More chocolate with those. We have a Whole Bag left over. I'm going to get sick, grow a sparetire, and come just a wee bit to close to diabetes at this age in the next few days. Insulin, anyone?

I did something to my hip the other day. It's one that I dislocated in college. Actually, it subluxated, on the same skill I tore my ankle on. Anyway, in the last few years, my hip will sometimes talk to me, especially with bad weather. It's been acting up a bit lately. It's always tighter than the other one, but most everything on my left side is tighter than my right. Anyway, I decided to not train anything today. Probably best, since I didn't get enough sleep. Then again, there's those Milky Ways calling me. Damn voices!

I'm doing better, dammit. See?:

I didnt' have my usual apple for dinner, though. Get off my back, okay? I swear, you're just like a mother.

Exercise- Didn't. Let hip, and mind, rest more today. Hopefully the sleep monster will help me a bit tonight.

The Awful Truth- You read the whole Milky Way thing, didn't you? That, and no one like my Halloween costume. I'm disgruntled about that.

Brownie Points- Got more postcards out today. Worked on the Fall Newletter. Made a call to devise a plot to overthrow the US government, the British Government, Icelandic and Norwegian goverment, and a few key South American ones too. Unfortunately, the call I made was to some friends in my Procrastinators Club. We decided to have a meeding about it, be decided to determine the meeting date at a later time.

Intentions- Tomorrow, I intend to:

  • Workout
  • Mail out 5 more postcards
  • Study Excel
  • Study Norwegian- for the overthrow, remember.
  • Water blast part of the back patio.

Women, if you've ever wondered what it must be like to have that male appendage- get a water pressure machine, hold the wand at crotch height about 45 degrees up, turn the pressure all the way up, and let'r ripp! That about sums it up.

Evidently, there's not word for gruntle. It just didn't sound like a word that would mean: happy with a situation.

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