Saturday, October 08, 2005

Author Fest

Today, we went to an author fest. I kept a journal of it while I was there:

I'm at an Author Festival. Luckily, it's in Maitland, just up the street from the gym I work in. It's actually the location of one of the writing clubs I meet with monthly.

Author festivals are usually just an authur get-together. So far, the ones we've attended have had little to no public attendance. That's okay. It's a good chance to get to know other authors, hear their stories and experiences with writing and getting published, and view other bookcovers. In some ways, it's better than going to the bookstore. It would be nice if we could sell books at author festivals, but I know better.

The Author fest is pretty much a bust. I don't think any public has come in so far. Like I said, I think these things are good for meeting other authors.
Our air conditioning is out. It's probably the fan motor. We were a bit warm lastnight, so we didn't sleep too well. Okay, I slept okay. I like heat. Nancy barely got two hours.

Back to normal time now:
We actually sold three books, just as we were putting things up. Wow! And, a book reviewer was willing to do ours for us. Things came to at the last minute.

This is Todd Elliot. His business is called Bod By Todd. He works out of the Personal Trainers Studio, too. I really like being independent. He does too. Independent trainers are usually true professionals, and have experience. Moving my business down here was a big hit financially, but I think it will work out better in the long run. Personal Training is a business of convenience, and my for my clients in Heathrow, it was just too far to drive. That, and I didn't want to steal them from Body Coach. The owner tends to believe the clients belong to the business, not the trainer. Again, I like being independent. Getting new clients in Maitland and Winter Park will take time. Probably more time than I'd like, but I'm patient. There are a lot of trainers here, and not many people know my skills. They will.

Our writing group, Five Florida Writers, is going to change our 'format' for our group, at least for awhile. We're going to work on more writing prompts, and have some fun. We've been missing the fun in writing.

You've probably noticed I like being in the pictures. Hey, I want you to see a lot of me. Burn that image in your brain. After all, it is my self indulgent Blog.

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