Saturday, October 22, 2005

No Name City

"Where am I going? I don't know. When will I get there? I ain't certain. All that I know is I am on my way... -- ... Got a Dream, boy, Got a Song. Paint your wagon, and come along!"

If I could get this page to play an .mp3 file, I'd have it play, "Paint Your Wagon". While I like to say that Sympathy for the Devil is my theme song, Paint Your Wagon is much closer. By the way, I don't have the DVD of it.

In the past few weeks, I've learn that being your own boss has it's rewards, and it's drawbacks.
Rewards: Independence
Drawbacks: Independence.

Working for yourself kind of ruins you for working for other people. They want you to tow the company line. Sometimes, that line ain't attached to my boat - or wagon, as the case may be. Sometimes, they say, "That's not our policy." My answer, "Company policy seems to be in direct conflict with my company's policy. I'll discuss it with the CEO later."

Lack of fear can be a good thing. And it can be dangerous, especially in a job situation. In the past fifteen years, I've become a do it, and ask forgiveness if it don't work type of guy. I'm not usually the what, how, should I do this? I'm still learning the ropes of being an employee again. Ugh.

Being your own boss does have a good benefit with me; I'm very customer centered, especially because of my personal mission. I want to help 10,000 people live a better life through being in the best condition of their lives. Or, at least, better condition than they are now. If their needs are better met by sending them to the other guys, I have no problem sending them. But, if I can help them, I'll do everything possible to get them the tools they need. I'm more concerned that I help the person. I'll get the benefit eventually.

Since I've been working at Sports Authority, I've noticed an interesting phenomenon, and I see it everywhere now. Workers, especially younger ones, rarely look the customer in the eye. The workers rarely smile a genuine smile to them. This isn't just where I work, it's everywhere.

I remember when the Soviet Union was still in existance, Russians didn't smile. "Why should I?" would be their answer, if asked. "What have I got to smille about?" Have we become like they were?

Not me. At least, I hope not. Then again, I'm not after the money. I hope that happens, but I'm more interested in the people. If that makes me a pauper, so be it. As long as I have enough to fend for myself, I'm fine. Sometimes, even that's a struggle. Yes, I can be a reverse snob. Been rightly accused of that many times. I've had money, and it's just never done me any good.

"When will I be there? I ain't to quick to say. But who gives a damn, who gives a damn, We're.....on.....OUR.....WAAYYYY!!"
After breakfast, we walked the dogs, deposited money, worked out, ate lunch, and I got ready for work. Then I worked, came home, and blogged.
We worked lower body today. I'm starting to do more weight with dumbbell squats. My goal is to be able to squat with 2, 200 lbs. dumbbells in each hand, for 3 reps. Yes, 400 total.
It might happen.
  • Breakfast- Honey Nut Cheerios- with added protein and fiber. The fiber really helps with my gut problem -probably just age. I take a fiber supplement three times a day.
  • Midmorn- Zone Perfect Bar
  • Lunch- Ham Salad sandwich, chicken and rice soup
  • Midday- Zone bar, and Zone drink a few hours later
  • Supper- Healthy Choice dinner. Chicken, and some veggies. I forgot to eat my apple.
Awful Truth
  • Still haven't done my meal plan for next week.
  • Didn't study today

Brownie Points

  • Listen to Security Now Podcast. This stuff is directly related to my school stuff, so maybe I did study.
  • Better food choices today. Still needs work and planning, but much better.

Short-Term Task

  • Finish preperations for hurricane - Drain pool a bit, test circuit board and generator, fill small and large water bottles, set candles out, prep house, by a few packs of Smirnoff Ice.

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