Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Voice

Tonight, I got to hear my new niece, Katie, on the phone. Yelling of course, like a baby should. She's 4 lbs 12oz. Just a wee bit lighter than a bag of sugar. She'll be wrecking cars soon enough.

She's a Thompson, automatically a member of House of Thompson. We're an elite, secret societ. Okay, we're not so elite. And, we're probably not that secret. But, the House of Thompson is a force to be reckoned with. Not sure what kind of force. Okay, maybe we're a nudge to be reckoned with. Just get in our way, and we'll nudge you! Either that, or we'll keep talking to you voluntarily move. Trust would work.

This is me playing with my toy again. I have to put a 2 second delay on it, enough time for be to get still enough. Trying to master that. I'm doing a bit better.

I trained my clients today, and came home to study. Nancy and I worked out this afternoon, and went to El Potro for dinner. I used to get #5, every time. Every Friday night, probably for over a year. Now, I get number #6.

We did a lower body workout:
Right now, we're doing an I go/you go partner workout. Same exercises, just different weights, of course (pounding chest now).

I like Mexican food. And Chinese food. And, well.....I like food. Especially peanut butter. Even though I speak Russian, I couldnt' stay in Russia very long. No peanut butter there. I'm not sure I'd want to exist in a world without peanut butter. If I went to Russian, hopefully, they'd update their grocery supply, and have peanut butter. I'd make it, if I had to. Mmmmmm.

This was at El Potro tonight. Nancy said she liked this picture, and I should post it. So I did.


Breakfast- Honey Nut Cheerios. What can I say,....they were there. And, I needed the fiber. Yeah, I don't believe me neither.

Lunch - Peanut Butter Sandwich. Now you know why I had the commentary about Peanut Butter. Strawberry jelly. Grape is just ugh. Okay on bisquits, but Strawberry jelly just works with peanut butter. Scuse me now, gotta make a sandwich

Dinner - El Potro - Taco, Cheese Enchaladilla, beans and rice.

Not doing better in the nutrition department yet. A lifetime of the fitness stuff enables me to have a metabolism that burns this kind of eating off fast. That, and I really dont' eat much at a time. Small meals.


Posted above - Lower Body. Good workout today.

Awful Truth

I think the nutrition speaks for itself, in this respect (or disrespect). I thought about making some more Florida Shorts ebooks today, but it didn't happen. I didn't plan it. I didn't write in any of my novel projects today. I dont' like this section.

Brownie Points

I came up with an idea, but I need to figure out how to implement it: I want to train employees at Sports Authority, probably on their off time, maybe just before their shift. Train them on the floor. People can see the workouts, see the equipment being used, and maybe even try it out. I could even do before and after pics, and make a Sports Authority Workout program, and they could sell the book. With my name on it of course. Now, I need to figure out who to contact about this one. Mr. Morton, you listening??

Short-Term Goals

  • Print out some Florida Shorts ebooks to give out
  • Contact Sports Authority Management about the training/book idea
  • Finish the chapter I'm studying
  • Plan a way to overthrow the current administration with passive resistance, but be too lazy to implement it. Is that passive enough for you?
  • Write in my Eat Me novel, 5 minutes. I need to get back up to 1000 words a day.

Welcome Katie, to The House of Thompson.

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