Tuesday, November 01, 2005


No, I'm not talking about the team on Trump's Apprentice. I'm talking about Microsoft Excel.
I'm pretty good with computers and techy stuff. It's another toy. I can work with PC and Mac, but not Linux, at least not yet. I'm working on building a computer specifically for that. I use computers for lots of things, but so far, I've avoided learning Excel. Now, I can't avoid it anymore. That's a good thing.
In a few weeks, I have to do the MIS part of Screening for the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. It's all on Excel. I watch Brian do it last year, and realized I had to learn this stuff. Now that I have a purpose, and no choice, it's time to 'get'r done'.
Brian came over today, and showed me the file we use for screening. I watched a bit, and realized I might be in over my head, - ... unless - .... Unless I can learn enough in the next few weeks. That's a big 'if'.
Tonight in class, we went over some more Excel stuff. This time, we didn't go from the book, and pretty much made it up as we went along. I got way ahead of the class, and actually made some alternatives. I friggin impress myself! Not as much as learning Russian, but I was impressed. I felt much more competent, and much more able to learn what I need for screening.
Whew. Now, I've got to learn a bit more, play a bit with what I learn, and still have time to overthrow five governments. Maybe I can use Excel to figure that out.
Today- I woke up, and my client this morning called to reschedule, so I went back to sleep. This was a good thing. Very good. Got up, ate, walked the dogs, then came back to study some. After lunch, Nancy and I intended to go to Home Depot for some supplies for the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival judges party, but the weather was making both of us dizzy, and we wound up napping. Don't know how that happen. We eventually got up and went to Home Depot. I'd decided not to train; I wasn't feeling to well. But, the clouds opened, and the rain came down. I guess it changed the air pressure or something, because I felt much better, and worked out anyway. So did Nancy. We did an abbreviated Quadraceps workout, and I think it was a good choice. My legs are sore.
Nutrition- Wasn't as good as yesterday:
  • Breakfast- French Toast. Maybe that's why I wasn't feeling good.
  • Midmorn- Too many cookies and leftover Halloween candy
  • Lunch- Ham Sandwich
  • Supper- Some sort of veggie/pasta/chicken dish.
  • Night- Popcorn, more leftover candie.

I think I feel diabetes setting in. Can you actually feel that? I'll be back in just a moment; another Milky Way Mini is calling my name.

Exercise- Quadraceps workout. I told you already - didn't you get it the first time??

This is an interesting sequence thats worked pretty good for me. I start with my weakest leg, my right, and do a warmup set on leg extension, immediately follow by dumbell squats with both legs. Repeat the sequence on the other side. Then to Leg Curl. Then, back to right leg-leg extension with fairly heavy weight, followed by dumbbell squats, this time with a heavier weight. Repeat the sequence on the other side. Followed again by leg curl. After 4 sets of dumbbell squats, my traps burn as much as my quads.

It's an interesting feeling to have one leg completely wiped from Leg Extension, and have a fresh leg when you're doing the dumbbell squats. In the past, this has been the most productive sequence for my thights.

The Awful Truth- First off, you already read the part about the cookies and candy. That should have been enough awful truth for anyone, but NOOooooo. I had to add more; obsessing over the Art Festival Excel stuff I was going to do. Once I got started on that, it was hard to hear what Nancy was saying. I get really pre-occupied.

Brownie Points- Getting ahead in class was really nice. To do it with something I'm a bit less confident with was even better.

Intentions for Tomorrow- I have clients, work at Sports Authority, more homework to do, more postcards to send out, so I intend to do those things. I intended to go to Disney, but it's raining.

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