Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This is a picture of the Five Florida Writers setup for a booksigning, or bookstore presentation. We have a Powerpoint presentation, to draw attention. I think we did a good job.

Most people who know me know my obsession with technology. I'm a freak for this stuff. In the past, I've probably overspent most of my money on tech gadgets. Now, I'm learning how little to spend. Within a few months, I intend to figure out how to spend less than $50 on an entire machine, complete with a full suite of software.

My toy enables me to do a lot of things. It sync's with my 'desktop' - I can listen to my .mp3 audiobooks on it - I listen to Podcasts on it - most of the pictures you see on this site and my flickr site are from it - I do a lot of my writing on it, including some of these blog entries - I can even get online with it - check email...you get the idea. It's a versital tool. It has it's quirks, but I still like it.

I've really gotten into podcasts lately, especially the talkshow variety. There's so many on technology. The best ones inform and entertain. I even set my toy up in my truck so that it can broadcast a signal to my simple radio, and I can listen to it just like a radio talkshow. Behold, yet another use for the toy.

Diggnation is a great site. It's basically a social bookmark site, where people vote on how much they like certain sites by 'digging' it. Revision3 is site, by some of the same guys, with some vidcasts of interesting tech stuff. Security Now is a podcast show about computer security. Anyone using a computer should download the podcast, and listen.

Tecnology has it's downside, though. Many people don't realize how toxic the stuff is. The dumping of computer stuff is hazardous to the environment. The long term effects of the stuff is still not know. It can be addictive (look at me).

I have a good day. Worked out clients this morning, fixed a window crank (stepping in my oil pail in the process), got new shoes, worked out, and went to class. Now, I'm blogging, then getting in bed. Simple day.

Breakfast - Two Zone Perfect bars -back to my normal breakfast
Midmorn- 1/2 Zone bar
Lunch- ham/cheese sandwich, split pea soup.
Midafternoon- Other 1/2 of the zone bar
Supper -Chicken, veggie, pasta meal
1 too many cookies for when I got home from class.

It's getting a wee bit better. Not much, but there is some improvement.

Worked lower body today. Good workout

The Awful Truth
When I said, "...one too many cookies," you have no idea how many came before the last one. I'm not sure algebra could figure that one. (x=too many, x+1=way too many. Solve for x).
Didn't get my meal plan done.
Didn't get get the template done.

Brownie Points
I fixed the window crank. Had no clue how to do it, but I figured it out. I knew I would. Took awhile, but I got it.

Tasks for tomorrow
Meal plan
Study MS Excel, Computer Confluence chapter.
Go to Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival board meeting

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