Monday, October 10, 2005


This is a picture of me in Yosemite, in 98. That's El Capitan close by, and Half Dome of in the distance. I really want to go back someday.

Daily blogging is difficult. Much more difficult that I thought it would be. Some days, it seems I have so much to write about, right to the point where I bring up the create post page, then my mind is blank. Sometimes, I have too much to say.

I trained my clients this morning, then Nancy and I went to see "Curse of the Wererabbit". It was pretty good. I like the CGI and the story, but I seem to miss out on British Humor. The movie was good, though. Much better than some others I've seen this year. So far, Sahara was the best. After the movie, we had some soup, and took a nap. I didn't have to work at Sports Authority tonight, which is a good thing. Our airconditioner is out, and we're having to use our hurricane one -low wattage enough for the generator. It's for a small room, so we close off the back of the house, and live in the front. Just three rooms. It works okay. We did Yoga, and I went to the gym and did 20 minutes of interval training on the elliptical trainer. The one at Personal Trainers Studio has something wrong with the magnetic resistance, but it was okay enough to finish. Hopefully, we'll get that fixed.

One of the blogs I read, Maggie Wang's Caustic Musings, is a really good blog about exercise and training. She's been through the Body For Life Program, and now does her own programs. She's done quite well. At the end of each post, she has a series of things; Nutrition - What she ate that day, Workout - Her training that day, The Awful Truth - I guess these are the things she feels she didn't do well, or negative areas, Brownie Points- That days accomplishments, and Short Term Goals. I guess these things are her public version of accountability. I thought the idea was very brave; letting the world see your success, and your struggles. I emailed her, and asked if I could do the same. I think she said yes in her reply, goes:

I had to go and open my big mouth on this one. Literally. My nutrition habits are not the best. Not at all. Maybe posting here will help me do better.
Breakfast - Honey Nut Cheerios. I tell myelf it's for the fiber. Yes, I lie to myself. That's got to stop.
Lunch - Movie popcorn, diet coke, and split pea soup after.
Snack - snickers bar. And,...another.
Supper - Boston Market: sirloin, greenbeans, potatoes, and fresca. Oh, and two cornbread muffins. And,...another snickers.
No wonder I was gassy this evening. I need to get back to planning my meals. Hopefully, God will just 'snicker', and not laugh.

40 minutes of basic Yoga, with Nancy.
20 minutes of Interval training on elliptical

The Awful Truth
After posting the nutrition, this would be a redundancy.
I haven't completely planned my week out yet.
I only did part of my weekly planning. Pretty much, only the study and training part.

Brownie Points
I did plan my training this week, and my study times. Haven't planned much else.

Short Term Goals
Finish the next section for Microsoft Office textbook, and Computer Confluence Textbook.
Finish my weekly planning.
Mail out postcards to the Raintree area.

Maybe posting all this stuff will get me off my ass, and in the game, so to speak.

One good thing about having a bad credit score: I don't have to worry about identity theives stealing my ID. Also, I've learned the absolute best tax shelther; make less money.

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