Wednesday, May 31, 2006


On Tuesday, a long-time, faithful, and very hard working client, and her business, donated some old computers for me. In this picture, you'll see eight computers, including my laptop, and nine if you include my Pocket PC. Many of these computers are still quite powerful. Faster than what I've been using so far. A few weren't in full working condition. One was missing a harddrive, and another had a broken power supply. Not to worry; since I'm taking A+ Hardware class, I'm learning how to mix and match parts.

Lastnight, I played with my acquired toys. Maybe a bit too much. Stayed up till two working on one:
Here, I had two mostly apart, trying to find parts that matched, so I could get one working all the way. Chili kept me company while I played with my new toys:
I did take the best of all of them, and put together a good desktop machine for me to use while I"m in school. It's one I'll call my 'practice machine'. I can play hardware and OS learning scenarios on it while I'm taking the A+ class. I was actually able to load a copy of Ubuntu Linux and Windows on it. Dual boot. The Windows was from the OS on my laptop, so it can't stay, but I'll be able to get Windows XP Professional on it tomorrow. Valencia Community College has a deal with Microsoft for all that stuff.

Very soon, I'll have a few machines, good to go, and will need to find good homes for them. I'm going to try to learn to support them, somehow. I need to learn and practice that part too. I want to give them to people or families with no computer.

My Laptop is still my prime machine. When it comes time to real-load the Operating System (right now, Windows XP Home), I'll put both Windows Professional and Ubuntu Linux on it.

In Other News
You see above the major news in my life. Work is good. Personal Training is good. Yoga is good, mostly. I need to do more - everyday. Relationship is way good.

Neal Boortz says, there are no 'unfortunate' or 'fortunate' people. People make choices that lead them were they are. That may or may not be true; I don't get to decide on some of the external events going on around me. But, I do think I'm on of the 'Fortunate Ones'. CCR and Missing Persons wrote songs about people like me. I may not have money, and so far, it looks like that's been a really good thing for me. In all other areas of life, I'm way better off. When I've had money, it sucked. Sucked the life out of me.

Enough personal commentary. Back to the books (or, ebooks, as the case may be).

Friday, May 26, 2006


Here's my Frappr map. Add yourself to it, please;

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More A+

This is my A+ Hardware class. That's the playground in the back of the class. We use a hardware simulation program to do most of the hardware learning. I'm sure we'll get some practical hardware work too. I'm learning a lot, but I got a little behind in the labs, mostly because I did the wrong one during the last class. So, I purchased the labsim program for home. That will help me to keep on track, and focus on actual hands-on in the labs.

I will get some practical experience soon enough. I've got a few PC's coming, and I'll be able to work on them some. Get the working. I might have to combine a few, but I'll be able to get a few working. I'll be using Ubuntu GNU/Linux, and the different derivatives it has. Evidently, people are able to get even a 233mhz to work well with Linux.

Next week, Dapper Drake, the next version of Ubuntu Linux, is coming out. It's suppose to have more hardware support. It seems many hardware companies are seeing the movement toward desktop Linux, and are eager to provide drivers and such. Hopefully, all will install on the systems, and I'll go about finding the computers some homes.

Other News:
Amy and Elias went on a cruise. Laura graduated from Rollins, and is working out really hard with me. I haven't seen Stephen and Brett in too long. My family either.

Damn gas prices!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Techy Comments Warning: If you aint geek-a-fide, read no futher. If you are Geek-curious, read on.

I had my A+ hardware class again tonight. I need to buy the lab-simulation program, just to keep up. Some students are already A+ certified, but have to get the 'degree' if they want to advance in their companies, or careers. It's quite evident that I'll have to work a bit harder, just to keep up.

In the next few weeks, I'll be switching my Compaq desktop to Ubunu Linux. Today, I plugged up my big 250gig external hard drive to the Gateway 800mhz machine, with Ubuntu on it, and it worked with it right away. Even transfered a file from it. Why is that important? Because I couldn't get Fedora Core 5 to do it. It's also important because the disk is formatted with NTFS (New Technology File System), typically used by WindowsXP. NTFS makes it easier to work with disks larger than 120 gig (maybe it's 130, I can't remember). Even after downloading all kind of ntfs kernel modules, I still couldn't get Fedora to work with the disk. With Ubuntu, however, I went to Synpatic, search for anything to do with NTFS, and loaded it to the operating system. WaLa- It worked.

So now, my webcam works with Ubuntu, and my ntfs hard drive works with Ubuntu. Neither work with Fedora. Guess which Linux distro I'll be sticking with? At least, for now.

My A+ teacher, David Brunick, seems to like Linux, and the Ubuntu version/distribution of Linux. He's even helped a 'faith-based' school in an improvished area of Orlando with Ubuntu. On old computers. Hmm. Wonder if you've heard that before. It seems the school had some not-quite-legit copies of Windows they were using. With Linux, you get a free operating system and tons of software, for free, without having to steal it.

I realize that most of this won't be read. Oh well. That's blogging for you.

In Other News
Nancy and I have been working out much more again. If we can get in tomorrow, we'll have had four strength training sessions this week. A very good thing. At this pace, I'll have 85-90% of my best phyique back in four weeks. 100% in six, and if I can keep on for twelve weeks, I'll be 100.2 percent better than my best. For me, that would mean an abdominal skinfold of 6mm, and a left arm, pumped measurement of 16 inches.

The thing about all of that is; I don't really care about it. Six years ago, it would have been much more important. Now, being really strong, really flexbile, with incredible endurance is more important. At my age, what my body can do is far more important than how it looks. If I can be at my performance best, the look will come.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


In the past two weeks, I find myself using my 'temporary' 800mhz Gateway Desktop more than the more powerful 1.1ghz Compaq. The Gateway has Ubuntu. The more I use this Linux distribution, the more I really like it. It doesn't update every other tuesday, like Windows. Nor do the updates come even once a week or so, like Fedora Core. Ubuntu updates are constant. Whenever new versions of software are done, Ubuntu gets them out. With Fedora, you have to go get them. Ubuntu gives you this cute little reminder. It may annoy some people, mostly techy types, but the average user needs it. Ubuntu takes care of your system. Kind of like fiber.

It seems my BOSSMAN donated computing idea may be coming around sooner than I expected. As word gets out, more people are offering their old equipment to me. Right now, this is a really good thing. My A+ class is all about hardware, and computer repair. I want to learn and promote computing on the cheap. All this comes together very conveniently. At the very least, the extra hardware being offered will help me through the class with practical experience. At the best, I will be able to put together some really decent systems to donate to people who don't have anything, and need it.

I have two current stumbling blocks;
  1. Where to keep the equipment when I'm not working on it.
  2. To whom do I give the computers?
I think the answer to #2 will come, in time. I'd prefer to give it to students who need a system, or families who don't have one, but would actually make use of one. This way, I won't be giving anyone a fish, only to feed him for a day. I'll be giving him the rod and reel, along with the bassboat to go with it. That way I can tell them, "Go out there, and bring me back a tuna steak!"

The bonus for me with this idea is; I will have some practical experience to put on a resume. Hardware, software, support; I'll be able to present some experience to a future employer. I'll have hard-core, hands on, practical experience. Goody, Goody, gumdrops for me. I like butterscotch better though.

Speaking of butterscotch, Nancy and I went to a St. Andrews Society (the Scottish thing I'm involved with) on Saturday night. It was a dinner with a presentation about Scottish Whiskey, or Scotch. It was really good, and made me actually consider trying some. Someday. Maybe. Never really been a whiskey man.

Before the presentation, one of the gentlemen -and I do mean these guys are gentlemen- let me know they were hoping I'd be able to make it to Atlanta. The Knights Templar seem to want me in their organization. It begs the saying Groucho use to have; I'm not sure I want to be part of a club that would have me in it. I don't really have much to offer, other than my mind. Not much money here, not yet at least. Maybe there is something I can offer. When the time comes, I will. I've always said, If any of these secret societies actually do have some sort of world domination plan, I want in on it!

So now you're thinking, 'He's just jealous of the Skulls.'

Ya Think??!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Free Porn

No, I'm not giving away, or even condoning pornography. I'm just trying to get my google ranking higher. Key words like Porn always works.

Speaking of porn; the whole Blu-ray vs HD-DVD controversy will probably be decided by the porn industry. As far as internet technology goes, anything new usually is created through internet porn. So, if you want to see where technology is going, keep your eye on porn.

Wait, that. Especially my stepsons. Or any of my under 18 readers. Under 21 readers for that matter too. Anyone over 21, be my guest, then get busy making babies! I need the social security money.

I started my A+ Hardware class this last Thursday. I really like how things sounded so far, and I had fun on my first day. I've been studying, even at work. We get to work with computer hardware, short of doing any soildering. I still have to get the A+ Software certification to be fully A+ certified, but I'll be there soon.

Not much else to report. At my age, that's probably a good thing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Current Ubuntu

My current Ubuntu desktop wallpaper.
I just like the glasses. Not sure why.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

John Negroponte - Bonesman

As most of my blog readers know, I love to entertain myself with a few conspiracy theories, now and then. My favorite is the whole Skull and Bones thing. The main reason for that one is I have a novel in mind with The Skulls and the background story. But the more I find out about this, the more I come to think; this may have been a conspiracy that actually worked.

Porter Goss left the CIA this week. No reason was cited, but many believe the decision was based on a power struggle between Goss and National Intelligence Director, John Negroponte (Nicolas Negroponte, of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, is John's brother). John Negroponte is Bush's Intelligence Czar. The Intelligence Czar is oversees the direction of the CIA, the NSA, and Homeland Security. (Can anyone say, Goering?)

John Negroponte, graduate of Yale Univerity, member of Skull and Bones, class of 1960.

I'm now considering abondoning my novel. The real life version seems to be better.

It seems that Porter Goss management style wasn't liked, by people above and below him. Now, we have Air Force General Michael Hayden in line to take over. He's #2, under Negroponte, and a strong proponent of the warrantless evesdropping program by the Bush administration. Many people, even Republicans, don't like the idea of a military man being in control of a civilian agency. Personally, I'm suspect of anyone Negroponte or Bush would pick, but especially a military man.

In Other News
I've signed up for A+ Hardware Concepts class. I had to wait till an opening came available. I almost missed out on any classes this summer. That would have sucked. Really bad.

Nancy saw a cute dog at Petsmart this weekend, and has been obsessing on it. We don't need another dog, but this one was a cutie.

Laura, Nancy's daughter, got some really good manatee pics. Check those out on her blog.

And, Amy, Nancy's youngest daughter, always has some entertaining stuff on her blog.

And, my stepson Stephen, has a blog now too. Let's see if we can help his page hits. Or, you can checkout Stephen's page. He needs to fix a few structural problems on his page, but it's pretty interesting.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Angel Flight

No boring stuff today about my guts, or Linux, or even exercise. I got to do something really cool today; an Angel Flight.

This is Jim Pyrich, one of my clients. His business deals with computer stuff, and he helps me sometimes. Gives me good ideas, paths to follow. In the last year, Jim got his pilots license, and bought a plane. He actually bought two planes, but the first one is for sale. He decided to upgrade. Jim needed a ride-along for an Angel Flight. Some kids, who have parents with MS (that's Multiple Sclerosis, not Microsoft) were going to a camp at Crystal Lake, near Keystone Heights. My stepkids, Stephen and Brett, went to the camp when they were in middle school. Anyway, Jim volunteered to do a flight. On the way there, we could see the fires in the distance. It didn't look too distant from 2500 ft.

We had to go to Inverness first, to pick up the kid, Darrel. Here we are in Inverness.

After we picked him up, we went to Keystone Heights, were we met up with the rest of the kids going to camp. I hope they have a good time. While we were there, a bunch more Angel Flight people brought in more kids. One guy had on an Angel Flight shirt with something about Angel Flight Katrina Aid on it. I could get into that kind of stuff.

I have Microsoft Flight Simulator, and I've gone through most of the Flight School on it, but that was a while ago. I haven't loaded it back on in the last few fixes of my system. Today, it reminded me I need to put it back on, and go through the lessons again.

Someday, maybe I'll sit in the pilots seat, and do Angel Flights.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


My gut is feeling better. I've been eating low fat, high fiber. Very high fiber, if you get what I mean. Even though that is feeling better, I had one of those all-day sinus headaches. It felt like one of those pressure induced ones. I can't take any headache medicines right now, so I just have to take the headache pain till it goes away. I hope it goes soon.

Nancy and I didn't do much today, since we both had the headache going. Maybe it had something to do with the earthquake in the Pacific. Pressure changes from that. Maybe it from the over-growing and installation of male plants by the landscapers in the area. Friggin horny plants.

I read in National Geographic that have your gut bacteria out of kilter can cause or exacerbate allergies. I've been doing a probiotic regimine since I started trying to eat better. I figure it will take at least six weeks, probably twelve, to get my gut to normal flora levels. I'm hoping that will fix some of the other gut problems too.

It seems our morality is having a detrimental effect. It's adding to a problem of low sperm count in young men. I use to kid that militant feminist were putting estrogenic compounds in the environment in an attempt to demasculinize men. Seems I wasn't too far off the mark. Morality involved with taking for destroying life is good, but all this morality involved with controlling the making of life is just stupid. I really don't think God would approve.

Nancy and I went to Seasons52 for dinner tonight. We were really lucky to get in. We at at the 'bar' area, like we did at Rain Forest Cafe. I had a Tuna Steak and veggies. Good, low fat meal. Veggie soup too. And one of those wee little desert. Even with a massive sinus headache, the meal was incredible. I love the atmosphere, decor, and even the architecture of Seasons52. When we we done, and the meal had been paid, I saw Anthony Jedwabny of Super Slow Zone Altamonte Springs come in. I introduced myself, said hellos, and offered the table for him. So, Anthony, if I seemed offish, it was the headache, not the Super Slow part.

Tomorrow, I'm assisting a PT client with an Angel Flight. We're taking some kids to a special MS camp. It will be really cool. It's been a while since I've been up in a plane, especially a small one. It's a single engine Cessna 210. So, if there are no more blogs from me, you'll know why.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Disturbing News

This is a picture, back when Nancy and I were spies. We were pretending to be Muslems. We got fired. I couldn't do the whole beard thing, and Nancy just didn't like anything on her head for too long. No matter how many times we said, "Allah Akbar" no one believed us. We got fired. Thanks for nothing Donald!

Last night, Nancy and I, and Shelley and Bob, went to Rollins to see the student orchestra and student condutors. I was impressed. Of course, any program with James Bond themes will impress me. Some Indiana Jones themes too.

I think my body is still recovering from gallbladder problems. That, and I probably had a meal last night with a bit too much Olive Oil. I was bloated, and that pain at my solar plexus and between my shoulder blades hurt all day. I get really fatigued from it too. Brain fuzzy. I have to be much more careful when I eat out now. I'll have to order chicken and veggies anywhere I go.

My stepson, Stephen, started a blog today:
Good to see he's getting moving up. His has a blog tool, but he doesn't use it. Besides, blogger is a bit easier. So, Stephen, if you want, you can use the blog on your site, but blogger will do much better. Besides, is becoming a bit unwieldy. Maybe Stephen will start a account too. That would be cool. Maybe even Brett will start one.

Nancy's blog;
is extremely entertaining, if not somewhat disturbing. We are here to entertain.

It looks like Mexico isn't going to legalize drugs after all. Back to studying Norwegian for me. President Fox got some words from the US government, and he backed down. Our government, which has now become a National Socialism government, is extending it's reach a bit too far. Kind of like a previous National Socialist government did, at one time.

I hope my blogging fans will stick with me, and continue reading my strange thoughts. I might even start putting on more advertisements. Oh, and the disturbing news? It's all disturbing, especially when your stomach hurts.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Immigrants, Drugs, and Linux

Up until Monday, I was all in support of the immigrants, and illegal immigrants. I especially don't like the idea of closing our borders. There's something Soviet Union-ish about that. We might as well just take lady liberity down. Beside, the illegals buy products and services while they're here, pay sales and service taxes, and sometimes even contribute to social security through a dead persons old number. I was all for them being here. Until Monday.

They didn't do anything bad, unethical, or even wrong. Many people say, "They're criminals." I say, it's only because we have so many bad laws. But, now I'm all for sending them back.

Why? My reason is a bit selfish. I'll admit that.

Here, in Orlando, over 20,000 marched downtown. They stayed home from work, and boycotted business; Wal-Mart, Sears/Kmart, and McDonalds.

Driving around on Monday was like a Sunday. There was no traffic. Wal-Mart was pretty much empty, and no lines anywhere.

I've come to the conclusion: Traffic congestion is caused, primarily, from illegal aliens on the roads.

I hear President Fox in Mexico is considering legalizing drugs. All drugs. I'm all for that! Apart from my opinions on Freedom, we could deport all drug prosecutions (would there be any? I imagine most would go voluntarily), and for each druggie, we'd allow a worker in. Even trade, so to speak. Brings new meaning to Wasted away again in Marijuanaville.

* * * *
Seems my recommendation on Linux, particularily Ubuntu, are working. A girl I dated in the early 90's (hey Julie), is going to put Ubuntu in on an old Dell. Good for her! I'm happy that people are reading my blog (thanks again, Tony and Nicole!), and actually taking my advice. It good to hear I helped keep a good computer out of the trash. It's good that my influence might help people I don't even know. So, if I don't know you, and you've decided to try Linux, LEAVE A FRIGGIN COMMENT! Okay?

If one has the money, Mac is a better choice. But if one is lacking funds, Linux, expecially Ubuntu distribution, can't be beat. Old equipment and Linux are going to put a hurt on Microsoft Vista next year. It will probably come from illegal immigrants who sell drugs, and use Linux.

* * * *
This is a house being built down the street from us. It's a lot-filler. On an already big lot. I'll set pictures of it here occasionally, as it's being built, so you can see self-indulgent, over-consumption in action. This is the complete opposite of such concepts presented in the Simple Living program, and espoused by the book, Your Money or Your Life. Whoever buys this house will probably be haunted. I'll stand outside, and clap.

I grew up middle class. Not poor, just normal, middle class. I never learned how to handle money. The only thing I ever really learned was how to spend it. When I got an inheritence, that's exactly what I did; spend it.

Handling money is a skill, one that most people who don't have never really get to learn. I know how to live paycheck-to-paycheck. I'm really good at it. That's the skill-set I learned, mostly from example. It's funny; we teach our kids history, algebra, and literature, but expect financial stuff to be common sense.

I will probably never be wealthy. I never learned that skill-set. And, from training many wealthy people, I'm fairly certain I don't want the misery that come with it. My Granddad taught me, "Rich and poor people have the same amount of financial problems, just different ways and abilities of handling them." Or, at least he said something like that. I got the idea though.

As long as I have enough money to get by, I'm fine. I think I might actually be scared of having more. Not sure I'd be able to handle the problems that come with it. Never learned how to handle those problems, and from watching people, not too sure I want to learn.

Excuse me now. I need to do my Spanish lesson.