Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cold Front

In Florida, anything below 72 degrees is cold. For me, anything below 82 degrees is my definition of freezing point. Today, the lowest I saw about about 52 degrees; perfect inline skating weather. Except that Uncle Charlie ruined my skates last year, when the made the tree hit my car. I need a new pair, someday.

Today with the first day since summer I put on my jacket. Usually, when the thermometer drops lower than 72, my bones ache. Not today. Don't know why. Maybe it was the dryer air from the cold front. The sky was clear, the air was as crisp as it could get in Florida, and I was feeling fine. Didn't even need allergy meds. A hugh contrast in just twenty-four hours.

I worked out my clients, did some homework, did more homwork, worked out, napped, then went to class. A good day, in all. My CoachDANNY name is getting out. At the very least, I'm making sure of that. I'll eventually have a full client load, a few hours each week at Sports Authority, and a full class schedule. Just hope I can get some writing in there, somewhere.

  1. Breakfast- Before 1st client- One Zone Perfect Bar. After client- Whole wheat bagel, Olivia spread.
  2. Midmorn- 1/2 Zone Bar
  3. Lunch- Ham Salad Sandwich, Ritz Crackers
  4. Midmorn- Body For Life drink, Zone bar
  5. Supper- Tortallini, greenbeans.
  6. Night- 3 oatmeal cookies, Whole wheat bagel, with Olivia spread.

I think the tortallini is responsible for the bloating I'm getting tonight. Might have to sleep outside again. Could have been the hamsalad. Not sure. Getting a bit better.

Exercise- Upper Body- Upper Back/Triceps emphasis

I think I'll start doing the brief 30minute Yoga strength sequence on my strength training days. I kindof fits there.

The Awful Truth- Didn't get the homework/studying done I intended. I struggle with distractions. When I was in elementary school, the only treatment for people like me were there instructions, "Pay attention, Danny." We've come a long way in understanding ADD, but application is difficult, with everything online now. Many more distractions there.

Brownie Points- Talk to Brian M., on the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival board. He's not going to be there this year, so I have to do the Excel part of our screening. He's going to go over it with me. The brownie for me part, is because I didn't freak. My instant thought was, "I can handle it." Cognitive training actually does work. Cool.

Tomorrows Tasks- More homework/studying. It's fresh in my head, and I want to keep it that way.

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