Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hopefully, More Social Security Money for Me

This is Nancy's daughter, Amy, and her fiance Elias. That's right, the same Elias I blogged about a few weeks ago. No, not the 81 year old. This is the younger one. Well, I'm not sure he's not 81, but if he is, he's taken damn good care of himself.

Congrats to Amy and Elias. He did it the right way, and asked Paul Deutsch if he could ask Amy to marry him. Good show, ole chap. I assume Paul gave Elias and Amy his approval. Soon, he'll be giving them his money. Such is the way with daughters. They're expensive.

I'm not going to be the usual cad that I can be, and say something like, "Congrats on your first engagement." That would be uncool. As would, "Congrats on your first marriage." Such sarcasm is just unwarrented, and the mark of an immature mind.

Never said I grew up. Like I still want to say to the pregnant women I see, "I know what you did." (said with a 9 year old voice).

Will Amy and Elias last? That's up to them. The odds are against them, but, if they work on things before the wedding, I think they'll have a good marriage. I don't know of anything in particular they need to work on. I'm just thinking of the marriage numbers in America. So, my advice: Spend as much time planning the marriage as you do planning the wedding. I think all engage couples should have to go through a program like Outward Bound, before the wedding. Remember the original version of The Parent Trap? I think Amy and Elias would have a good ole time.

Anyway, I'd like to encourage Amy and Elias to start a family, as soon as possible. Everytime I see a couple walking by, hand in hand, or kissing, or more, I think, "Yes, more potential social security money!" We can't depend on private savings anymore; the previous years of 401k collapse showed that. The financial industry is almost as evil as the tobacco industry, maybe worse. You see, I participate in the governmental process here in the US, and things aren't going the way I'd like them to go. So, since they're not doing it my way, they should take care of me in my old age. If they did it my way, they wouldn't have to. If they want to know what that is, they can email me, and ask.

So, Amy and Elais, get busy! I need more social security contributions! And to all you other child bearing age adults, keep going! To those of you who are struggling with the kid making process, get to Russia, China, Romania, Vulcan, or whereever and adopt!

And, to all of you liberal democrats; pass the friggin Fair Tax, so the tourists, illegals, and the overconsuming elitists can pay 'their fair share'. I just don't get why the democrats aren't jumping on this one! This is something they'd come up with, but because a percieved conservative talkshow host popularized it, they're going to play turf games. I can't expect conservative republicans to tag onto the fair tax plan. Money grubbing, cheating, vile and coniving bunch they are. They even let a fake republican in their grand ole party. They wanted priniples, they got them. Skull principles, that is. (Can you tell I'm independent. Well, not really, but see if you can guess what party I belong to. You're probably wrong).

Okay, enough with nicities and rants.

I trained my clients, worked on the water sprinklers for the front yard, walked the dogs, and worked on an invitation for the Winter Parks Sidewalk Art Festival judges party. After lunch, we worked out, the rested before we went to Donatos for the Five Florida Writers meeting.

We came home, watched The Apprentice - I didn't like seeing Khristi get booted- then I blogged. You're reading that part now.


  • Breakfast- HN Cheerios, with added protein and fiber
  • midmorn- 1/2 Zone Perfect Bar
  • Lunch- Turkey sandwich - the animal turkey, not the country. That would be a 'Turkish" sandwich.
  • midday- I forgot to eat here. That's what happens when you don't have a food plan
  • Supper- Donatos Pizza - Chicken Veggie.

Exercise- Upper Body workout. Changed it up a bit: Did compound pushing movements like Bench Press, Incline Press, and Dips (the planar motions concept), and did a set of abs and biceps exercise between each set. Worked out very well, except I forgot that I do best on overhead press when I warmup with a very light weight (15 lbs dumbbells) for high reps-20 or more. When I do that, the heavier weights feel lighter. When I don't even 25 lbs dumbells feel heavy. I'll remember next time. I use to think my shoulders were mostly fast twitch fiber. Now, I think it's the complete opposite, as my shoulders tend to respond better with higher reps, much higher. Not sure why yet.

The Awful Truth- We were suppose to get the invitation out today. It will have to be tomorrow. Didn't get much studying done at all today.

Brownie Points- Downloaded a bunch of fitness podcast to listen to when I'm working out.

Tasks for Tomorrow-

  • Email the invitation
  • Set up direct deposit with Sports Authority
  • Have some others, but I'm too lazy to open Outlook right now.

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