Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mold, Mayhem, and Mario

Another evening when I don't know what to blog about. Sorry if I ramble.

I put up a cool link to my site. Click on it, and it will take you to that picture. I'm going to try to load as many as I can. In order to get a lot on, I have to resize each one for the web. Eventually, I'll get the 2 year pro account, but that's way off in the future. Too many other important things to do with my money. Like, pay bills.

I'm getting better at taking pics with my toy. I had to set it to a 2 second timer delay; just enough time to get it stead. Got that hint from a messege board. My pictures come out much better now. This toy will probably do me well enough for now, but I'm looking forward to when it's combined with a cellphone. There are some available now, but not enough features I want, and too much money. What I want would probably be enough to be an actual computer.

This picture is from last year, at one of our booksignings. It really is neat to see your book on a bookstore shelf. I understand the desire to have that, just a bit. Personally, I'd rather see my book in someone's home, or in someone's hands at an airport or coffee shop. If it's on the self, it didn't sell. Still, it's neat to see it there.

Our book sells better in shops that aren't bookstores. Much less 'competition'. They do better in a place that for tourists. Small bookshops in old Florida area's work too.

This is our friends, Shelley and Bob Hatfield. Not of the fueding Hatfields and McCoys, as far as I know. We haven't seen them all summer. They stay in Colorado, where they use to live, and here in Winter Park, in -of course- winter. They're fun. We'll probably see them when hurricane season is over. If we're still here, that is. Season's not over yet.

These were the Best of Show, and Runner Up from the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, last year. I know what you're thinking. I didn't think so either. Actually, the Best of Show was very good, but I liked another one better. I tried to post it, but blogger was being pissy. Sometimes, things work, sometimes they don't.

This Weekend
On Saturday, we got up, walked the dogs, and I worked at Sports Authority. The day went well. They asked me when I wanted to take a break. Five hours, and they think I need a break?? Do I look tired? Breaks are for smokers! Gimme some work to do. On Saturday night, we at at El Portro. We're probably going to have to switch our nights. We use to eat there every Friday night, but I'll be working. Maybe Saturdays. We watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy after dinner. Nancy kept trying to figure it out. I think the movie is way better if you've read the book. I thought it was excellent.

On Sunday, we got up late, and started walking the dogs. It poured on us, and stopped only when we got home. How's that saying go? "People make plans, and God laughs." That's actually the title of Arthur Jones biography, "and God Laughts". When we got back, Nancy was piddling in the living room, and found mold behind the wallpaper. I'm still not sure how she found it behind the wallpaper, but it's her wallpaper, so I accept. She freaked. Scrubbed, cleaned, and freaked somemore. After that, we went to a movie; Serenity. It was really good. When we got back, Nancy blogged about the mold.

My friend, Mario Hostios called today, and we chatted about how things are going for him in Los Angles. It was good to hear from him. A fellow Post Tramatic HIT Survivor. He escaped the cult, too. It was interesting how similar our training styles evolved, even after not seeing each other for almost ten years.

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