Friday, September 29, 2006

Evacuation Procedures

This is very important information. By the early thirties, most men have already learned these important lessons. But, some have not. So I'll help out:

If you've watch the above video, you'll see how important mens restroom rules are. Indeed, modern civilization depends on them. If you're an employee, or even a student, this video instruction will help:

For men, todays lesson simply provided you with some reminders. For young men, you may have gained some insight as to why you get the crap beat out of you in the boys room in school. For children, you shouldn't be looking at my blog anyway. I've logged your IP address, and I'm going to tell your parental unit!

For women, the above videos may have seemed like humor. The humor is there, but the reality of the mens room is true to form.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

White & Nerdy

"Weird Al" Yankovic's music video from his new album "Straight Outta Lynwood" (in stores Sept. 26).

I'm not this far gone, but getting close!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brain Dump

That's my nephew, Ben. We've just done a Putt-Putt course. He whooped me. Just look. That's probably what I look like as a corpse. Still holding my pocket computer.

This is one of those times when I open up a blog window, and have no idea what to write about. So, I'm just going to type what comes to my head.

My last post was on Steve Irwin's memorial service. I'm not sure why his death hit me as hard as it did. Maybe, I admire someone who lived life to the fullest. Maybe, I admire someone who lived a humble life, yet changed the world. Maybe, Steve was someone who showed us that living wealthy wasn't near as much fun as one would think. Steve really had fun, but did other things with money besides spend it on himself.

Why is it the richest people in the United States of America, the ones who espouse meritocracy, are the most liberal democrats. Not that I have a problem with it. Just makes you go, 'hmm'.

Why is it that when you ask for help, you don't always get the help you want, but you get the help you need. Oh, wait - Sorry Mick.

In my classes, I'm doing well. But, I feel lost. Not as lost as some other people in the classes. I can tell by their questions. I know the answers to some of their questions. I feel lost in the class. I can only imagine how they feel. Maybe things will come together in my head next week. Unless I have a brain aneurysm, or something like that.

I'm sure you've seen some of those 'prostate' commercials? Lately, I feel like a commercial. Scuse me, while I run to the bathroom. And, I'm just about ready to compute standing up. Until I get a handle on this, working out isn't an option. Anyone with any non-medical tricks, post a comment.

The Linux Link Tech Show is my favorite podcast. TWIT would probably be next, then Security Now. Linux Link would be incredibly boring to anyone not really techy, and into learning about Linux. TWIT would be someone interesting and informative to those at least mildly techy. Security Now should be listen to by anyone who is connected to the internet.

I've used Windows more this last week than in the last three months. Most of my homework is Windows based. Being on Windows so much makes me paranoid. I'm pretty good with security, but I don't feel well lately. I think I caught a virus from my computer.

Even though he's only a character in a comic strip, Wally will probably be seen as a prophet in the future. For those in cubicle work environments, he's probably seen as a prophet now.

Even though everyone knew she wasn't real, that that truth has come out, Lonelygirl15 -aka 'Bree'- is still entertaining. I hope they keep the show and drama going.

Ubuntu is still my Linux distro of choice. If I'm a good student, eat my veggies (except spinich, of course), say my prayers, I might get to work for a company like Red Hat or Canonical from home when I'm done with school. It could happen.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jerk a tear, Mate

Intro at Steve's Memorial Service:

Steve's daughter, Bindi Sue, speaks:

The way a real adventurer would leave:

To my friends Down Under; Thank you, for giving the world such person as Steve Irwin. While it's a hugh loss for Australia, it's a loss for the entire planet. Not just for humanity, but all living creatures. We can be thankful that he truly lived life while he was here. Hopefully, we are all better for it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Portable Virtual Computer

You could actually have your own computer, with absolute minimum of hardware. Here's how:
  1. Acquire a copy of Ubuntu LiveCD
  2. Get a 1-2 gig jumpdrive
  3. Signup for Yahoo - and setup your Briefcase
  4. Signup for and setup your folders
  5. Signup for and setup your folders.
  6. Startup any computer using the Ubuntu LiveCD
  7. Setup your LiveCD and jumpdrive to work in Persistent Mode
Okay, so it's a little complicated. But, it can be done, and you can have your own 'computer' seperate from any other computer. If you're able to access the internet with your Persistent Computer, you can use Xdrive and Streamload to store large files. You can add programs to your jumpdrive. You won't need a regular hard drive. You can use any computer with a CD tray, and a USB port to have your own virtual computer. Use your friends computer. Work computer. While this is a very techy, it give you an option, just in case.

For instance, let's say a hurricane hits you, and you're completely wiped out. Even if you lose your CD and Jumpdrive, you'd still have your files online. You could burn another CD, acquire another jumpdrive, if you really needed those things. Or, maybe, you want to surf at work, without anything ever touching your work computer. It can be done. All this is very much a What would Wally Do? type of thing.

School is going good for me. I'm ahead in my classes. Today, we learned about looking up techy jobs. Maybe Disney will still be hiring when I'm done.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


During my first twenty years in the fitness game, I had a purpose. I went into fitness, mostly out of a natural evolution from my years as a competitive gymnast. My sport gave me an advantage in the fitness field. I liked fitness, but liking what you do isn't enough to push you. You need a reason much stronger than "I like it." Liking what you do is important. Very important, but it's just not enough. Not enough to get you through difficult times. Not enough to be worth low pay, or the difficulties that can come with high pay. Liking what you do is motivating, but motivation is just an emotion. It comes and goes.

A few years into the fitness business -about the time I started personal training- I decided I wanted to make an accomplishment. I was inspired by my fitness hero Jack LaLanne. I wanted to help 10,000 people improve their life by improving their fitness. My goal gave me more than just motivation. It provided me with determination. I was determined to make it happen. I was determined to work through the frustrations, the financially difficult summers and holidays that's part of being a trainer. I went through some interesting experiences, realizations, and even revolutions (not the political kind, of course). In twenty years in the fitness business, I learned as much about myself as I did about fitness.

I didn't change. The industry changed. And, the public changed. When I first started, much of the public was excited about fitness. Athletics, bodybuilding, running, biking, anything physical seem to be popular. Now, fit and athletic looking people get stares of distain in public. So many people want to be trainer that a new market has opened; training and marketing to trainers. The money to be made in the fitness and personal training industry doesn't come from clients. It comes from selling products and services to people who want to be trainers. That is not something I want part of. It just doesn't fit my purpose. Some of the products and services are very helpful. Most are not. Most are not needed.

I'm very close to the 8,000 mark on my goal. I'm making approximates there, based on my time as a floor instructor in different jobs, helping people online, and direct contact as a trainer. But, I'm close. And I'll keep working on it.

But, I have a new purpose. A purpose just as important; Information.

Over the last few months, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with a career in computers. I wasn't sure why I wanted to bother. Other than liking computers, I didn't know where to go with it. I knew it would probably provide me with a better living than personal training (at least, in a era when everyone and his brother, sister, cousin, aunt and uncle want to be a trainer).

If your reason for doing something isn't strong, anything will stop you. If you reason -your 'why'- is strong enough NOTHING can stop you.

I'm not sure who said that, but it sticks with me.

A few days ago, my draw to computers and technology became apparent. The why came to me:

It's about the information!

Information is power. It's a commodity. It's more important than money. It can provide liberty, or at least the knowledge of how to achieve it. Information, especially when openly shared, levels the playing field in an opportunity society. Just like education, the information itself is neutral. What is done with information, the action, is what makes the difference.

I want to be a part of something that helps provide people as much open access to information as possible. I want to help enable people with information. I want them to have the tools, or at least the access to the tools, to acquire whatever information they need or want. I want to help hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions have access to information.

I also want to help make sure information is open and shared. Only in a police state, an oppressive and controlling society, is information held back. It's controlled. The only control information should have is by the reciever, not the deliverer or the middleman. If the goverment can have access to it, everyone should have access to it!

That is why technology is so important to me. A tool to acquire and maintain liberty.

Friday, September 01, 2006

School Update

I'm taking A+Software, and Networking. Maybe a better student could do a full load. Maybe a better student could do a full load, work full time, sleep four hours or less. Maybe a better student could do a full load, work full time, start a boot-strap business, sleep four hours or less, and have a girlfriend. Then again, maybe those overachiever types just have no real life, and only find that out later, after they've wasted it in pursuit of ...what? I bet they don't even have a real girlfriend.

I really enjoy the subject I'm majoring in. Studying doesn't feel like studying. It feels like 'playing on the computer'. Yeah, I'll be able to get a reliable job, or my own reliable company in the future, but really I get to play with 3-D puzzles all day.

I'm not one of those 'better students'. I have learned to overcome some organized education difficulties (I have no problem with organized's organized education I can't stand). I know that I learn different. I know how I learn, and how to make it work for me. Ideally, I'd do an independent study program. Unfortunately, that's not how things are done. At least, not yet.

I'm not able to sit down, and study for hours. I study in bit and pieces. Usually, no more than 12-20 minutes at a time. Twenty minutes is as long as I can hold. I am able to go into hyperfocus, but only to the exclusion of anything else around. Including meals, and even work. The only thing that breaks my hyperfocus spells in a trip to the bathroom. My hyperfocus spells can last hours, sometimes even days. Most of the Russian I learned actually came from just one weekend, followed by bits and pieces here and there. The problem is; I don't get to choose when to hyperfocus. It's not something I've ever been able to control.

I've decided to cut back on some work, namely work at Sports Authority. I need the time to study, and open time for another client. Two more clients will bring in more than I was making, and reduce my time-load. Basically, this shows me that Personal Training will always be part of my life, my career, and especially my income. I'm glad of that.