Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Road to Hell

So, I went to the mall this morning. And look who I saw! My good friend, Drew Baye.
Despite Drew's recent dilemma involving the choice of leaving the Super Slow Zone Corp or not, he's doing very well. He has a new baby on the way, and obviously very in love with Emma. Just sorry I didn't get to meet her. He working on web stuff, a good choice, in my opinion, and focusing on his future fatherhood. I was glad to see him leave the Super Slow cult- something I was once part of, and deprogrammed myself. Drew's and independent thinker, and practicing independent thought in a cult environment doesn't work.

I won't go much into the the concept of Super Slow exercise, and the Super Slow Zone, other than to say that the concept of training is a good tool, when used right, but the people who are involved with teaching and practicing it become fanatical about it, and follows the patterns and dynamics of a cult. A good idea, gone way bad. I hope the best for Drew, and hope I get to see more of him.

After the mall, Nancy and I went to Home Depot to pick up some paint. We need to paint the outside trim, before a party in November. A visit to Home Depot always involves the potential for new decorations. I had to entertain myself somehow.

Besides, Nancy forbade me to post the other pics I took there.

I got a good bit of studying and homework done today. I have to do some work with Excel everyday now. I'm going to need it for the Winter Park Art Festival screening.

We at dinner with Shelley and Bob at PF Changs. Good dinner, good friends. A good time.

After dinner, I watched Donald fire 4 people off The Apprentice. Very cool!

Nutrition- Went off the meal plan, only a little. Ate at PF Changs, instead of El Potro. I'm about to fall asleep, so I'll just say that other than PF Changs, there wasn't much difference in my meals. Except, I had soup and sandwich at lunch. And, a Zone Perfect bar for breakfast. And, a Turkey sandwich with Drew. Okay, my meals were totally different. Come to think of it, I didn't stay on my meal plan very well at all. I did make decent food choices, though. Get off my back now!

Exercise- I started a lower body workout, but within a few exercises I wasn't feeling 'up-to-par'. My right hip/back/knee was achy and spasmy. Something unusual for me. I hadn't drank enough water the day before, nor today. Always happens when I'm low on water intake. I cut the workout short. Not going to make progress training borderline dehydrated.

The Awful Truth- The food thing. The water thing, and, well, you know.

Brownie Points- As Maggie Wang says, "Move along now, nothing to see here."

Intentions- I intend to do better at "Integrity in the moment of choice" tomorrow. Meaning- I intend to carry out my intentions. Or, at least some of them.

Someone asked me, "Why are you on the left side of almost every picture?" Three Reasons:

  1. My face is my logo, and a big part of my business. Product recognition, I guess. The more pictures I have of me on the net, the better know I might get.
  2. I usually hold the camera best in my right hand.
  3. I'm just plain vain.

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