Saturday, October 15, 2005

New things

This is little Katie Thompson. She was a bit early, on purpose, for the safety of mom and baby. Yeah, I know - no one likes other peoples baby pictures, but go ahead and give me the polite "awwww, isn't she cute," admiration, and get it over with.
There, you felt better, didn't you. Honor the House of Thompson, or else.

We slept in today, walked the dogs, called for a plumber, and went to the Maitland Rotary Art Festival at Lake Lilly. It was a good one. I like the Maitland Festival, mostly because it's small. Nancy bought a painting that looked like ChiliDog. Now, we have one that looks like Abby and one that looks like Chili. Cute, huh. In a few days, I'll try to scan them, then you'll say they're cute. You better!

After the festival, we worked out at the gym, then went to Donatos to pick up a pizza. After dinner, I worked on added my logo to my website, and updated a few things on the Five Florida Writers website. Hopefully, I'll be able to do much better work with those in the future. I have so much to learn with them.

I have to work tomorrow, so let's hope things go well, I come home with nice bloggy things to write.

Upper Body workout, mostly compound movements. 2 sets in all directions, the -itals, for you biomechanical types.

Breakfast - Nancy's wonderful French Toast
Lunch- Ham sandwich, potato soup
Supper - Donatos Chicken and Veggie Pizza - very tasty

Yeah, I know it's not much better. Maybe I'll make saturdays my free day.

The Awful Truth
Once again, the nutrition speaks for itself. As does my colon. It's been speaking a bit this weekend. Just ask the dogs.

Brownie Points
I might have a deal with the facility to do the cleaning, and other things which may help out finacially, at least for now. Besides, I could do a much better job of keeping the place clean than a cleaning crew.

Short Term Goals
Plan next week - goals, tasks, AND, --- fill out my Meal Planner.

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