Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Urinet, Peemail, and Rascals

Chili loves to attack sprinkler heads. It's fun to watch too. She just love to attack water, as you can see. Today, on the start of our walk, she attacked one in our yard. We laughed as she killed it dead. Proud of herself, we went along our way. Till we came to a house that had just been demolished, and the razed land from it. ChiliDog decided to go for a roll in the dirty sand. A few times. There was no stopping her. The Dingo in her breed came out, and she followed what her breeds instructions came with. She looked at us as though she was say, "What? What's wrong? Oh, yeah, I'm not dirty enough yet. Hold on, I'll roll again." We gave her a bath when she got home. She seems to like it.

Dogs live in the moment. On a Dogcast (a podcast about dogs), a little girl said something like, (read in a British accent) "You know when you go into a room, and can't remember why you were there? That's what it's probably like to be a dog, all the time." That's close, maybe.

It's interesting to watch humans, myself included, personalize dogs. We shouldn't be personalizing them. We should be dogalizing them. I imagin that dogs think in pictures, just like we do, but sight probably doesn't get to their brain like it does ours -unless it's a sight hound. Neither does sound, even though they hear better. When we yell at a dog, "Why the hell did you eat the rug? What are you thinking?",...he hears, "Blah blah blah blah blah EAT blah blah blah blah?"

A dog's entire existence is about smell. They can probably smell what the people who made this house 40 year ago had for lunch. Probably dinner too. The can tell where we've been when we come home. Dog's have had their own version of the internet long before humans came down from trees (I think we evolved from Sloths, not apes. That's why we can't find the missing link). It's called the Urinet. Every time we go for a walk, the log on, or in a dogs case, leg on. Every-so-often, they stop to read peemail. In some locations were dogs pee everytime they pass that area, they're reading a message board. You know, when they smell around at all the pee, looking for the right place to leave a reply, or should I say, a replee? I wonder if they have a weather section, and a dog politics section. It's probably something close to, or personal ads. Scuse me, dogal ads.

I worked my clients out this morning, the came home to study. Except, I didn't get as much studying done, at least as much as I wanted. I did get the newsletter template done. I also figure out how to get a 7 habits compass onto my toy. I print our a 'pocketpc' size .pdf, and put in in a compass file. Works pretty good. I listened to TWiT while I worked on the newsletter. They're pretty funny, and I learn some good stuff. After lunch, we went to Home Depot, not really to stock up for hurricane Wilma, but for a tool to adjust the sprinkler head. No, ChiliDog didn't break it; it just needs the water to scatter more. I did my 20 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, we ate dinner, then went to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival board meeting. Luckily, I didn't have to work today, or I would have had to miss it.

Nancy and I were being rascally tonight. Actually, we're pretty rascally all the time. We came home to watch The Gym. It's pretty funny. Since I'm a Personal Trainer, it's even funnier than it would be to the average person. Good show. Then, we watched Over There, a really good show. I'd like to find out from people who've actually been over there, if it's anything like reality.

Exercise - 20 minute interval training on treadmill


  • Breakfast - HN Cheerios. This time, I added some protein and fiber.
  • Midmorn- 1/2 Zone Perfect bar
  • Lunch- Rigatoni with chicken meal. It was what was in the freezer.
  • Midday - Other half of bar
  • Supper- Swedish meatballs (or Norwegian, whichever you prefer), green beans.

The Awful Truth

  • Didn't get the meal plan done
  • Ate 4 mini snickers bars - I get too addicted to sugar. Not living like Jack.
  • Didn't get the studying done I'd intended.

Brownie Points

  • New shoes look good (yes, I'm that desperate for a point)

Tomorrows Goals

  • Get meal plan done
  • Write 5 minutes in Eat Me

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Peemail... that is hysterical!