Monday, October 24, 2005

Bye Bye Wilma

She came and went. I really didn't get to see her, at least much of her. She showered, and left water everywhere, but at least not in the house. Our hurricane preperations were all for naught. But, at least, we have it down to a pretty easy procedure. The only procedure left would be if we had to get the hell-out-of-Dodge. Not sure why they say that. I have a Ford. Anyway, I have 15 gallons of filtered water sitting on the bathroom floor. Don't worry; it's in containers.

My clients cancelled this morning. I usually use the cancellation policy my coach had: The only reason you cancel a workout is a death in the family. Your OWN! Being as that some of them actually come from far away, just to workout with me, I understood. The rain was blowing sideways this morning, and I got to sleep it.

I did makeout my plan for this week, and started on the meal plan too. Kept to most of it today, except the little preHalloween milkyway I had. Or was it two. Maybe it was three. The only way to get off this sugar junkie thing is cold turkey. I'd rather is was cold ham; tastes better.

I'm probably going to remove FranklinCovey PlanPlus from my MS Outlook. The system I'd created myself worked better for me. Don't go by my personal use here. PlanPlus is a good product, just not for me. They would have to come up with a whole lot of new features to get me to purchase a new version.

  • Breakfast- Whole wheat bagel with Olivia (Olive Oil Spread). I found these bagels at wal mart; 12 grams of protein, and taste. High fiber too.
  • Lunch- No midmorn, and breakfast was pretty late: Oatmeal, Udo's oil, protein powder, a wee bit of Maple Surup.
  • Midday- Zone Perfect bar with Body For Life drink. I call it the Walmart express
  • Dinner- Ham Salad Sandwich
  • Latenight snake- Two, maybe three, milkyway minis. At least they weren't the big ones.
  • This posting my food is making me do a wee bit better. Maybe in a few weeks, you'll see some actual healthy days of eating.

Workout- One hour of Yoga

The Awful Truth - Sat around all morning, pretty much doing nothing. No lights for a short time, but it was no excuse. I just couldn't wake up. I blame it on the air pressure. I, of course, couldn't be at fault. Nooo.

Brownie Points-

  • Did my weekly plan
  • Started my weekly meal plan
  • Found my set of plyers

Short Term Tasks-

I didn't have any good pics to give you, but enjoy this entertaining little diddy:

Maggie Wang posted it on her blog, and I thought it was hilarious.

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