Friday, October 28, 2005

Natural Order

This is Charles, or as he's known at Sports Authority - Duff. He was of the 'leads' or a supervisor.
Each evening, towards closing time (I love that Lenord Cohen song), each employee is supposed to do recovery in his area. Basically, that putting everything in it's place, and making sure everything looks neat.
All my life, I've used what I call, Natural Order. Those close to me, my family and friends, former girlfriends, wives, roommates, and demonic posessors -just seeing if you're paying attention- know what I'm talking about.
My desk is what others would call, A Mess. The strange thing is, I don't see it. Well, except for a few things here and there- the napkin, the burnt out lightbuld, the DVD of the plans of the Stealth Bombers- oh, forget that last part, but for the most part, everything that looks like it's a mess has a specific purpose for being exactly where it is.
A problem that has been with me most of my life, probably because of the ADD thing, is that if something is not right in front of me, it doesn't exist. If some piece of work needs to be done, it has to be right in front of me. If it's 'put away' based on someone elses idea of neatness, in my head, it's disappeared. Forgotten. Lost to the cosmos. When you have a million incomplete thoughts all going on at the same time in your head, remembering where you put the phone bill yesterday never happens. I've got a million thoughts to attempt to complete first- never happens though. But, if the bill is next to my computer, I know where it is.
With my Natural Order method of organization, I know where everything is. Unfortunately, the method that works for me annoys the hell out of those around me. Makes living with me difficult. For those who've lived with me, I thank you for your attempts at patience with me. For those of you who weren't patient, well, you know what Mr. Hat tells Kyle everytime he wants to go to the bathroom.
Now, you can guess how this affect me at work; I don't see the thing out-of-place. To me, everything looks fine. I'm absolutely shocked when the managers come up for the walk through, and find many problems on each isle. There's no way I can explain how my mind works with this stuff, so I just have to let them believe when it comes to area recovery, I'm simply incompetent. Donald would say, "You're fired." No, I wouldn't bother giving him the chance to make it that far. If neatness was a requirement for his job, I'd politely bow out. I'd waste all my time attempting to be neat, unsuccessful in the attempt, and absolutely neglect everything else.
So, I let myself do the best I can with that, and focus on my strengths. I'll let you know what they are when I find out.
Today I trained my clients, walked the dogs, studied, worked out, went to work at Sports Authority, then came home and blogged. Not sure what I'll do next. Probably ignore a few things I need to clean.
Nutrition- Breakfast- Whole Wheat Bagel w/Olivia, Midmorn- Zone Perfect bar, body for life drink, Midday- Zone Perfect Drink, Supper- Turkey sandwich, apple, evening- Zone bar.
Exercise- I did 45 minutes of Yoga, my own sequence. I made it up as I went along. Natural Order, you know. Then I did 12 minutes of running. I can do intervals, but going at the same pace for any length of time is difficult. I can do it; I've done it before. I just need to train it again.
The Awful Truth- You already read about it; the Natural Order thing, remember?
Brownie Points- The Natural Order thing actually works for me, most of the time.
Intentions- Tell people who don't like my Natural Order, "Fragg Off!"

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