Monday, October 31, 2005

Balanced Customer Service

This is Brent. I work with Brent most evenings. He likes to workout, too. He trains more like a bodybuilder or powerlifter. My training is more performance/athletic based- think Cirque Du Soleil. Brent has an interesting situation. You see, Brent works with me in customer service. He use to work in the prison system. That's right, he's had police academy training. Now, after working at Sports Authority, Brent works at a nighclub as a bouncer.

Imagine how hard it must be. Not the bouncing, but the flipping of the switch, so to speak. He has to come off work as a bouncer- the opposite of customer service, right in to being nice to people. Talk about leading a double life. The only way to make this situation harder was if Brent was a transvestite. Opps, sorry Brent...didn't mean to let the cat out of the bag. kidding.

Sports Authority is an interesting place to work. I keep looking for where the cameras are- figuring they must be filming us, because if they're not, they're missing some really entertaining stuff. I might even try to sneak a vidcast in. That would probably be a good promotional thing, or fundraising thing.

Saturday Night- No, not the movie. We went to the St. Andrews night celebration. I don't have a kilt, yet, but I do have a tartan tie, for my clan- Campbell. How it's Campbell, don't ask me. They tell me it is. Personally, I identify much more with clan McBubba. Much more my style.

I'm the youngest in the group, by at least 10 year, maybe more. There are some really interesting people, who've lived very interesting lives. Most of the men are in their 70's, or even older. Many are Masons, and a few are even Knights Templar. Yep, the real thing. After all, they are Scottish.

I worked today. Not the full, very long Sunday shift, luckily. I really didn't like that much. I'd rather work more short shifts than long ones. Then again, who wouldn't.

I won't report on my nutrition stuff. Not because it was bad or anything, but because it's late Sunday night, and I don't friggin feel like it! Okay, you're right; I just plain forgot what it was.

Intentions- I intend to tell you tomorrow what tomorrows intentions are. Or, by then was. Or more likely, what they would have been.

Brent isn't a transvestite. Just wanted to be clear on that.

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