Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This is me just before class started. I'm trying to wear a logo shirt as often as possible. If I could, I'd get 100 made, and hand them out to clients and friends. Logo recognition is important in todays world. Yeah, that's a big part of the reason I post so many pics of myself. I'm my own logo.

I think I made a good decision in choosing to major in Computer Information Systems. I might be able to integrate it with Personal Training, but I'm really looking forward to ePublishing. Evidently, there will me many new business technology business coming to Orlando. Hopefully, I'll be read for them. Better yet, they'll need to be read for me!

This is me, working my own business: , in between clients. My toy doesn't have a flash, so I have to manually lighten the photo with Photoshop Elements. It's good enough for snapshots, but I'd use a better camera for professional work.

Yesterday, I trained my clients in the morning, and waited for the air conditioning repairman to come. And waited, and waited. He was suppose to arrive at 10:30am. Then it changed to 12:30pm, the he finally showed up at 2pm. The company was nice enough to let us know, each time they needed to change, and I did appreciate it. I'm glad I anticipated that would happen, and cancelled the plans I'd made, just in case. I still could have used the wait time better though. The good news was that our blower motor was okay, and it was only got to need a switch replace. Much less money that we anticipated, so that was nice. So far, we'll keep going back to them for business.

I didn't post yesterday, obviously. I have some important email coorespondence going on, and that took priority lastnight.

I'm also a NEW UNCLE to my new niece, Katie Thompson. I dont' think they've decided on a middle name yet. I like the middle name of Mary, best. Mary is my moms first name, but we call her by middle name, Charlotte. Mary Katie. Well, maybe not.

My eating was that good yestday, nor today either:

Nutrition (or lack of)
Breakfast- French Toast
Banana for midmorn snack
Lunch - Turkey sandwich
Midday- 1/2 Balance Bar
Supper - Healthy Choice mean, and an apple
Evening- 4 oatmeal cookies. Okay, they had chocolate chips too.

I didn't get enough sleep lastnight, so I limited my training to Yoga. Good thing too.

The Awful Truth
Havent' followed through on finishing weekly plan.

Brownie Points
I did get what little I had planned, done.

Short-term Goals
Go through the MS Excel CD I have
Start the 'homework' assignment
One lesson in Norwegian - falling way behind on that goal

All for now.

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