Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prepping for Aunt Wilma

Last year, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Francis, and Crazy Cousin Jean came to visit. Uncle Charlie wrecked my car, and I couldn't even get State Farm to pay up on it. They said Uncle Charlie was a 'natural disaster', and not covered by their policy. Charlie turned off our power, as did Aunt Francis, and Cousin Jean. Nancy and her mother came to wits end in front of Aunt Francis. The joke was on them though; Aunt Francis didn't even notice, or care.

Now, Aunt Wilma's coming.

I think Aunt Wilma will just blow some steam off while she's here. She's said she'd be here on Saturday, then changed her mind to Monday. Now, she's racing to get here. She's not moody, just indecisive.


After eating my Sunday French Toast, which my wonderful and sexy girlfriend makes me each weekend (she's learned the addage is true about the way to a mans heart. Wiggle and jiggle catches our eye, but food catches the heart), we walked the dogs. Long walk, since we had a good idea Wilma would interfer with getting a walk in this evening. That side of the family is just so selfish. They want all the attention. We spent the rest of the day prepping for Wilma:

  • Lowered the water level in the pool
  • Filled filter water bottles, and 3 five gallon jugs
  • Prepared the generator and house plugin system
  • Charged the Coleman, "Hot Water On Demand" water heater system
  • Charged everything rechargable, especially the cellphones
  • Brought pool furniture closer to the house.

After prepping as much as we could, we went to Wal Mart for a few thing, the to eat at our neighborhood El Potro. Then, we went to Borders to surf the isles (that might actually be fun).

Came home to discover airconditioner is out again. No biggy. We're ready.

Today was my Free Day, so no reports on food, nutrition, etc.

Yeah, I still didn't get the meal plan done. Get off my back, okay? I'll do it.

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