Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It's said that most communication is 75% non-verbal. How someone came up with that number is a mystery to me. They probably communicated it nonverbally.
Being a Personal Trainer, it's important that I have good skills of obersvation regarding nonverbal communication. Although it seems to have occurred unintentionally, my skills have developed very well, at least in my profession. Can't seem to get them right at home, or with family and friends. Leads me to believe that many so-called mediums or psychics out there are simply extremely good body languages readers, whether they are aware of it or not. I'm not saying true mediums and pyschics don't exist; I don't know if they do or not. Not really sure I want to know, either.
In the past few years, I've really tried to observe dog languange, their patterns, habits, and skills. I've come up with one conclusion: Dogs are superior to man, by far.
Dogs, or canine animals, have existed long before we came down out of the trees (as sloths), or from God's decree, or from a spaceship -whatever you want to believe. Their social structure has enabled them to survive almost any hardship this planet hit them with. We may consider them to be simple animals, but their simplicity is probably what has kept them around this long.
We don't understand Dog language, yet, but they seem to have a better understanding of us. Consider this: did man subjugate canine animals, or did canine animals seek to befriend the dominant animal of the planet. Keep in mind Dog social structure is all about dominance and submissiveness.
It's interesting to watch Dogs, and see behaviors and actions that have existed for eons before man conquered these wonderful creatures.
Meanwhile, the Cats are telling the Dogs, "You guys work way too hard."
I took some pictures today, but nothing worth keeping, much less posting. I wish my camera had a flash. I'll try to take some workout pics tomorrow.
Worked out my clients this morning, studied, walked the dogs, studied some more, exercised, then worked at Sports Authority.
Some people would call such a life a 'rut'. I'm a person who craves routine, and feels much more comfortable in a 'rut', even an uncomfortable one. Holidays are atypical, and I always feel out-of-sorts on them. I don't really dislike holidays. I dislike that they mess with my 'routine'.
  • Breakfast- Honey nut cheerios. Yes, planned. Still have a lot left.
  • Midmorning- Whole wheat bagel with Olivia spread
  • Lunch- Oatmeal, with added fiber, protein, and a wee bit of maple surup. I added a 1/2 a banana too.
  • Midday- Zone bar
  • Dinner- Turkey sandwich, pear, 1 milkyway mini bar. I kept the rest for later.
  • Evening- 1 milkyway mini, again, and a bowl of raisin bran.

Exercise: 30 Minutes of Yoga immediately followed with 20 minutes of interval training on the treadmill.

The Awful Truth- I had trouble getting up this morning, and had that sinus induced head pressure all day. It was a bit better after Yoga and running, but never really went away. At least I didn't overload on nsaid pain meds all day.

Brownie Points- Got out the replys on Art Festival judges party invitation.

Short Term Intentions- I like the idea of calling them intentions. When the first mate come to the captain of the submarine, the captain asks, "What are your intentions?" The first mate replies with his intentions -indicating that he does indeed have a plan of some sort- then the captain my ask for more information, change the order, or simply reply "Proceed." When the captain is saying, "Proceed," all the time, you either have a really good crew, or a lazy Captain. Let's hope it's the good crew.

My Intentions for tomorrow-

  • Two Study sessions
  • Reinstall Flight Simulator (I've always wanted to get a pilots license)
  • Workout lower body
  • Send out 5 postcards

I have other intentions, but I probably should keep those private. I'm trying to be more of a 'gentleman'.

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