Thursday, October 06, 2005

No post today

Couldn't think of any other title, so I thought I wouldn't post anything today. I didn't take any pictures day worth keep, much less worth posting. Sorry

No clients this morning; the ones I had either were out of town, or changed to tomorrow. I studied, and worked on some homework for my class. After lunch, Nancy and I worked out again; Upper Body. It's good to get back into training again. Maybe this weekend, I'll do measurments, and post a starting point picture of frong/side/back. I'd really like to get an use the Alignabod backdrop. It's not too expensive, and would be a great help with clients and other projects. It's a great too for before and after pictures, and with the grid, it give very good reference points.

We went to the elder Elias Khoury's funeral/viewing tonight. He was a very respected many. His burial will be tomorrow, but I'll be at work. Besides, that if mostly for the family, and close friends.

After that, we came home and watched The Apprentice. Contrasts, huh. Everyone really just wants to hear those words, "You're fired!"

I've done pretty well executing my plan this week. At the end of the week, when I do my own evaluation, I'm going to try to make sure my roles, goals, and tasks meet with My Creed. One of those tasks next week will be to put My Creed on my website.

Even though I did post, I thought calling it No post today would be more interesting. Were you more interested.

Me neither.

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