Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, I trained my clients, then went back to bed for a little while. My allergies have been kicked up lately, and I didn't sleep very well the night before -that, and staying up a bit too late. Sometime in the late morning, I thought I heard and felt a loud WHAM and the house trembled at the same time. I'm prone to weird dreams, sleepwalking, and seeing my ferret in the airvent when I sleep, so I assumed I'd been having a dream, and went back to sleep. Later, during our morning dog walk, I saw this on the tree behind us:
I thought, "Hmm, that's a little weird. Why would tree cutters start on the bottom, the not finish the job?" I looked down on the other side of the tree, and saw this:
Putting two and two together (or is if 5 and 5, or 2 and 5, or 5 and 2...I get them mixed up sometimes), I figured a tall truck had hit the tree, and that was the WHAM that woke me up.

Another block down the street, and we saw this:
If you look close, you can see the jagged upper edge of the truck. Someone got it really big trouble. The drivers only choice is to blame the foreman or owner for sending him into a residential area with a truck that was too tall to get anywhere in Winter Park. I bet the drive thought he'd driven over something, tried to accelerate through it, which caused more damage to the truck. Whoever the owner is, he'll blame the driver, who's probably just a part-time employee. He'll get fired, the owner will have a van out, the insurance will have to pay for the damage, and the only people to come out on top will be the repair people.

Other News
January is a very slow month for Sports Authority, and since I'm mostly a holiday employee there, my hours are cut back. I'll have more time to do some local marketing. I'm going to do a mailout for my neighborhood. I'm not working at Sports Authority at all next week, so I'll also have some time to pre-study for my up-coming classes.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

No title for Today. Couldn't think of one.

I worked yesterday. It wasn't very busy. There wasn't much stock left. We mostly had to clean up. Things were pretty messy from Christmas shopping.

I slept in this morning. I've been missing on sleep -probably a big reason for lack of posts, and lack of creativity in the posts I do get to make. We walk the dogs, went to Sams, the Mall, El Potro, then walk the dogs again, mostly to find Nancy's cell phone. We found it. Now, we're watching Empire. After that, I'll go to bed.

Sorry for the boring post.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Okay, so it's not the most original title. We're suppose to be celebrating the Sweet Little Baby Jesus's Birthday anyway.

Something's been bothering me lately. It's not important, but here goes: You know in Star the Jedi and the Sith use Light Sabers, and these things seem to be the ultimate weapon in that galaxy? Did no one there ever invent a mirror there????? Hello??? Reflect the light! Duh. Come get me now, you little green Jedi bitch. I bet the Emperor is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), and he pronounces his name, Darth Thidious. I'll make me a mirror suit, and beat their asses with a simple stick!

Wonderful Christmas spirit there, huh?

Nancy and I went to Epcot for Christmas today.
It was a little crowded, but not nearly as bad as Magic Kingdom probably was. We watch the Christmas performance, hosted by John Stamos. I wonder if he's still has that wife of his?

After that, we at at Biergarten at the German Pavilion. Nancy was all about the cute German Matre D guy. She was all giggly and stuff. "Yeah, I know what Deutsch means....Tee Hee."
The food was pretty good. I ate too much. The most interesting thing about the whole day was that the Wonders of Life Pavilion was open.
We rode Body Wars, and Nancy saw Cranium Command and the closest thing to porn Disney's ever done, The Making of Me. The parent couple starts smooching in bed, and you know what happens next. Of course, Met Life is not longer the sponsor. I'm not even sure Met Life is still around. The Mafia probably bought them out.

I did Yoga before work on Friday, but had to get up early on Christmas Eve to work at Sports Authority. It's amazing how frustrated people get when you don't have merchandise on Christmas Eve. All I had to do to stop their lashing out at me in anger was to thump my chest and yell, "Come on, bitch. What you got?? Huh? What's you got? You're a little pissy-ass whiny bitch, cause you waited till Christmas Eve to shop. Now you got shit. Those little snots noses back at the trailer are going to have to get soap for Christmas, cause you're a pissy-ass-whiny-wait-till-Christmas Eve bitch." Of course, the manager didn't like that. Okay. I didn't really do that, but I sure wanted to. So did all the other employees. Probably everyone who worked in retail on Christmas Even felt that way. Actually, they day at work wasn't bad at all. Only a few people were angry, and they were mostly frustrated with themselves, and we happened to be standing in front of them when the frustration came out. If they were really mad at me, I would have had to bitch-slap them. Well, at least I would have wanted to.

To be honest, I'm simply too lazy to get that angry.

Friday, December 23, 2005


For about the last eight years, I've cut my hair using a flowbee. Now, obviously this isn't a picture of me, but you get the idea of how it works. Well, my Flowbee stopped working a few weeks ago, and I started feeling like a hippie. Not that a being a hippy would be a bad thing, I just don't feel comfortable with long hair. For me, hair is something to get out of the way. I not particular about the style either, as long as it's not offensive.

The best hair cut for a man would look the same everyday, day-in, day-out. No one would ever notice a difference. I think that's how Floyd stayed in business in Mayberry.

I went to one of those, "As Seen on TV" stores to look for another. I thought I'd found it, but it turned about to be a cheap imatation. It wasn't even electric.

Me, with long hair

In a fit of hairy rage, I found my Flowbee -luckily I hadn't thrown it away- got some tools, and went to work. Within twenty minutes, I'd taken it apart, figured out what was wrong, fixed it, put it back together, and went to work cutting my hair. It worked.

I don't make any money promoting the Flowbee. I just like it, use it, and suggest anyone else who's interested in simplicity and saving money purchase it. If I can find a link in one of my affiliates, I'll post it. Also, this wasn't an advertisment; I really couldn't think about anything else to write about.

I've done my Christmas shopping. Sports Authority has been busy, but not busy enough. I think all retailers are like that this year, except Wal-Mart. The beast roars.

Happy Birthday to my brother, Mark Thompson. And Happy Birthday to my friend, Josh Miller.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Nancy's mother isn't going very well. She's not bad off, or anything, but probably just what most 85 year old women experience. It's difficult to watch someone become feeble, and struggle to communicate. You feel bad for them, and frustrated with them at the same time. Then you feel guilty for feeling frustrated, right to the point where they annoy you, then you feel bad for them again. Being a family member to an elderly person is a difficult place -much like being a parent again, but this time to your own parent. I guess most people throughout history experienced this, unless war, famine, or disease killed everyone off.

I keep up with Jack LaLanne. He's 91 now, and still doing well. He's lived the life of health and fitness, and he shows the lifestyle does work. He still enjoys life, and gives of himself to many people. I can only hope to be 1/4 as healthy and vibrant as Jack. Too much Diet Dew in my gut now. I'll probably have a large green tumor removed from my liver someday.

It's a VHS tape, and a bit pricey, but you'd be purchasing a piece of history. Everyone knows I'm a huge Jack LaLanne fan. At the very least, check out the Jack LaLanne Website-

I've blogged it before, but I'm fairly sure I'll die one of two ways -or maybe both:
  1. I'll be 95, and shot to death by the jealous husband of a 20 year old girl.
  2. While mountain climbing, parachuting, skiing, or something like that, my last words will be, "Aw shit."
This Blog brought to you buy:
I checked out a few places, and these guys do have good low prices on memory, and a pretty easy way to find which is the right memory for your computer. Give it a try -even tells you what you're computer will top out with.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Visit DannyTland

Today was my birthday. I worked. Nancy gave me presents and cards, and Abby and Chili gave me a card. Family and friends called me. I'm 42 today. Doesn't feel like it. All-in-all, it's been a pretty good birthday. I'm blessed, far more than I deserve, that's for sure.

A new entry in my writing blog today: DannyTland. Check it out.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Today, Nancy and I celebrated my birthday. It's actually tomorrow. I'm going to be 42. I was born at 10:15am, away in a manger, no crib for my head. Oh, wait, that was someone else.

I spent most of the morning fixing some computer stuff, and doing another command line tutorial. Sometimes, I get forced into them.

We saw King Kong this afternoo/evening. When you go to see it, be prepared for a marathon of a movie. I liked it, but it was long. The main thing I liked about it was how close they kept to the original 1933 version. Nancy thought Kong was like a big puppy.

I have to work tomorrow, so I won't be celebrating my birthday till after work. We'll go to dinner. Probably El Potro. I like El Potro.

No pictures today, as nothing much really happen worth taking a picture of. There's always me, but there's enough pics of me on my flickr pages already.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Corporate Communism

If you work for a large corporation, you'll probably have a good understanding what it's like to live in a communist/fascist government, but mostly at work. Instead of the government controlling you, your job/company/business does. If you're an employee, the company can dictate every move you make, so long as it's within the law (which the companies have done a decent job of controlling). While this whole idea seem horrible, under a benevolent dictator, it's concept that works well.

In order for a business to get the job done, it must have a system. Michael Gerber discusses this in his book and company called The E-Myth. While I disagree with some of Gerbers philosophy, for the most part he's right. There is this one part where he has the owner go throughout the Key Frustrations process. Problem with that is; a business isn't suppose to be your anxiety treatment.

For any particular duty in a business, any process, any service, there needs to be a system. A system to deal with customers. A system to deal with vendors. A system to deal with employees. As Gerber loves to say, "You manage systems, not employees." This is correct, to some degree. Some business owners take this too literally, and forget that while you don't' have to manage employees and people, you still have to deal with them.

The point about systems; good systems make the business successful. Bad systems run the business into the ground. Even when a business or organization doesn't intentionally create a system to accomplish something, it's still using a systems, possibly an unintentional one. Probably a bad one.

Good systems come from successful practices. Successful practices come from good ingenuity. Good ingenuity comes from good judgment. Good judgment usually comes from the experience of bad judgment. Good judgment can come from the base of good character, but that seems rare in this day-in-age.

When a business has problems, it usually has problems with it's systems, not it's employees. Bottlenecks in the flow of business are the first place to examine a bad system. If customers aren't buying, a new sales system needs to be in place. If customers aren't coming in the door, a new advertising/marketing system needs to be created. If an employee doesn't seem to be doing his job right, it's the system the employee is using that's the problem, not the employee. If the employee follows a system that's not created by the company, he will make up his own, if needed. Sometimes, this can be a good thing, especially if the employee is trying an intentionally created system. If he's not following any particular system, the employee is doom to failure, and the failure isn't his fault. Unless the company provided the system, and the employee chose not to follow it.

If an employee decides to buck the system, whatever the employee does needs to have a reason, purpose, and procedure. The employee just might create a better system.

The benevolent dictator role is important for the company. He provides leadership. He is a leader that people want to follow. He is a leader that demonstrates the systems, if needed. The benevolent dictator can be the owner of a company, the CEO, or even the stockholders to some degree, but it's usually a manager.

The manager job is to help and assist the employees with following systems and procedures.

Now, here's the weird part; How is the whole idea much different that soviet style governement? With systems, the employee has to do very little thinking, other than remembering the system. Employees can master the systems, behaving just the way the company wanted. Such a company actually works well. Such a company can be successful.

Did we defeat soviet communism, only to run headlong into it in our workplaces?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I aced my final. According to my teacher, I shared the highest grade on the final, and ACED the class! This was a really good start toward my new endeavor in Computer Information Technology. A real confidence builder.

My next class is; Intro to Operating Systems. Other than MS DOS, I'm familar with the others, especially now that I've used Linux for a few weeks. I'm getting pretty decent at it too. Anytime I run into a problem, I just look it up online, especially in the forums, and I usually find my answer. There's still a few things I'm not quite getting, but it will come. Always does.

Not much to report today. I spent most of my time studying, pretty much from the moment I woke up. I'm becoming a coffee drinker. Helps with early studying. I did do Yoga before I went to the final. I think it really helped.

However, Nancy had a difficult day. Check it out on her blog: Nancy's Blog:

Monday, December 12, 2005

Grand Opening!!

I'm announcing the Grand Opening of a new blog: DannyT Land! I had to make it DannyT Land since Dannyland was already taken. Otherwise, I'd have gone with Dannyland.

You now get to glimpse not only at my life, but in my head too, scarey a place as it may be. It's actually pretty entertaining in there. Busy. Very busy.

DannyTland is my writing blog. I'll do an occasional writing prompt, and throw it there to see how it's recieved. I may go with a prompt and continue it, maybe even to a full length novel. Sometimes it will be fiction, sometimes nonfiction. Maybe a bit of commentary here and there too. I'll probably keep it mostly fiction though. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Click here to go to DannyTland.

This was at Jamie's class.

Today- I trained my clients this morning, and studied. I studied a lot, since my final is tomorrow. I'm probably overdoing it a bit, but some of the material I'm covering is pretty interesting. At least, it interesting to me. After dinner, Nancy and I went to Jamie Morris' Amherst Writers class, then I came home and started the new writing blog. That's my day, so far. Next, I'll go to bed.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Getting Closer

I didn't post yesterday. I'm sorry. Sue me. Watch me care. Okay, already, I'll work on it! Damn, just get off my case. Am I starting to sound like Tom Hanks, talking to Wilson, the soccer ball, in the movie Castaway?

This is, from the left, Laura, Nancy, and Amy. This was lastnight at Amy's suprise birthday party. She was really surprised as everyone started showing up, seeminly for no reason. Elias had called us that morning, and asked us to be there around 7:30pm. They were going out later that night, and Elias got called into work. He got home at 8:20pm, so the party got started a bit later than expected. All in all, it turned out to be even more of a suprise that way, so it worked. Amy eventually caught on. I think she was pleased. Good job Elias.

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and say it: "It's begining to look a lot like Christmas..." I'll let you recite the rest. Luckily, we're going to Disney this year. The only year I felt Christmasy was when I delivered for Meal-On-Wheels. I'd like to do it again this year, but it seems to be mostly outsourced. I'll call and see if they need anything, but they didn't last year. It was on of those things that to do on Christmas that didn't make you feel like commercialized, materialistic scum. Well, almost.

Speaking of materialized commercialistic scum -opps, got it backwards- time for a COMMERCIAL!

Nancy and I watched this movie tonight. I highly recommend it. I especially highly recommend purchasing it through the link above, since I get some money if you do. How's that for commercialized? If you want to save some money, go to Blockbuster, and get the previously viewed ones, like I do. This one is a keeper.

Tuesday is my final, and I haven't really studied all that much yet. I really need to. I think I'll do well, but I'd rather go in a bit more prepared. I'll study tomorrow, but I've been keeping up most of the semester, so it will really be review.

I worked today from 12-8 at Sports Authority. It was busy.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm Sorry

No pictures today. Nothing pithy to write about. I got up, trained clients, and went back to bed. I'm still sick. I'm such a baby when I'm sick. All guys are, I guess. Women seem to laugh about it. They find is somewhat amusing, somewhat bothersome, and somewhat disturbing all at the same time. I worked at Sports Authority from 3-10 today. I'm wiped. Nyquil, here I come.

Well, I figured I'd do one ad, so here goes:

As most people know, Jack LaLanne is my fitness idol. This man has lived the part. Of all the fitness icons, he's done the most to show living the life works. Some of his methods and concepts may be out-of-date, but they can't be too far off. Jack is 90 years old, and still going strong. This would be a nice gift for someone over 50. They'd remember the name. I will always remember the name of Jack LaLanne.

There's my ad for today. How'd I do?

Here's to hoping I feel better tomorrow! I bet if I juiced like Jack does, I probably would.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Figured out the reason I haven't been working out. I've been in denial that I'm getting a cold. "It's just allergies." "This weather's getting me." I probably had lots more, but that's the down-and-out truth. Crud stuck. So, with that, I couldn't come up with any good blogging, so I'll give you some sick Danny pics:

This was after going to the Christmas get-together at the Rollins College Presidents home. Nancy donates, so she gets invited to those types of hoo-te-doos. I don't even get invited out for a beer with the homeless drunks. Lets see who I give to next year.

This was at Sam's Club. Nancy had to get stuff for the Christmas party next week. I forgot about it, sort of. We'll miss the end of The Apprentice, unless I can scoot everyone out the door before then. I was feeling so bad while shopping, I had to sit down. (Guys, take note. The cold excuse works, sometimes.)

I wasn't feeling good at all. This was at lunch, and either I was about to sneeze, or something smelled funny. You know, how everything smells different when you have a cold? Maybe it's just me.

That's my day, folks. Sorry I didn't have anything interesting.

I'm considering starting another blog. This one would be specifically for writing. I'd take that days Writer's Digest prompt, and go with it. The blog would only be for that. Good idea? Yes, no? We'll see.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Congratulations to Amy Deutsch, Nancy's daughter, and to Chivas Z -the horse, of course. The 2005 Year End High Score in the Adult Amateur Jumper catagory (not sure if it's catagory, class, level, etc) winner. Good job! Maybe I can get Amy to fill in on any corrections in the comments at the end of the post (HINT, Amy!)

I had my last class for the semester tonight. Next week is the final.

Today- I worked on printing up a few more ebooks to give out, then forgot to offer them tonight. I did plan out my tasks for the rest of the week. No workout yet though. I'm really falling behind on that. Not totally sure why. Probably just out of pattern. The Holidays always set off my patterns.

Tomorrow, I really want to get a Yoga session in. I always feel so much better when I do.

Online Backup

Keeping a backup of your most important files is an absolute necessity these days. An external harddrive is an option. A small, keyring jumpdrive is another option. But, what is your were in an absolute disaster? One like Katrina?

One option is Yahoo Briefcase. If you have a Yahoo ID, you have a Yahoo Briefcase. Sign into your Yahoo email account, go to the Yahoo main page, then to ..all Y! Services, the select Briefcase. You can upload your most important files there. You'll have about 30meg of storage to use.

The main option, for the normal user and even power users, is Streamload. Streamload is an online storage site. You can store up to 10gig of files! That what I said: Ten gigabites! For Free!! And I'm all about free stuff. You can purchase more storage for a monthly price, as you can with Yahoo Briefcase. With the free account, you're limited to 100meg of uploads a month. Paid accounts get more upload limitations.

If a major hurricane hit's me, and I lose everything, I'll lose my hardware, but my most important files will be availabe as soon as I can get to a computer hooked to the internet.

My suggestion: Use your laptop or desktop store your programs, and maybe that huge music collection you downloaded. Keep your current files on a jumpdrive, and all your important files on online storage. When you have a major computer crash, you'll just shrug off the inconvenience, but not be devastated.


After experimenting with ads on this blog, mostly to learn how to do it, I'm probably going to keep the commericals to no more than one per post. Maybe even one per day. I don't intend on trying to hock something just to make a buck. Any ads you see will be something I actually use, or something I'd like to have. Or, at the very least, something I'd recommend. I'll keep up with the free stuff links too. Here's a good example:

This is the current desktop I have on my Linux Fedora computer. I'm blogging from it right now. Fedora, a Linux distribution helped along by Red Hat, is free. As is all the software that comes on it. As is all the software that you can load on it, including 2.0. The only problem I have with Linux at the moment is that I can't hook my Pocket PC up to it. Not just yet. I have a progam that can do that, but I haven't been able to get it to work yet. It's not broke, just some parts missing. I know that sounds weird, but programs on Linux have dependencies. Sounds like pseudo-physchological term, I know, but that's how it works. Programs seem to come in pieces, not all of them as a whole. A bit frustrating, but once it's all together, it's a pretty kickass system. From what I'm reading on the Linux and Fedora forums, I'm doing a pretty good job so far. The whole Command Line thing is a bit of a bitch for me, but I'm learning something on it everyday. Hopefully, when I get in my next class, I'll know most of it, and can surf the web during class. Oh, of course, I'm not doing anything like that right now. No....not me.

Okay, I think I provided enough free stuff there for you. Anyone interested in putting a Linux machine together, I'll be glad to share my experience with you.

I had one hell of a time putting this new blog format together this morning. It really came about because I completely destroyed the older Template, without saving the html before I started. I was trying to put a Skype button, AIM button, Yahoo and MSN messenger buttons on my blog and page (all are bodycoach2). Oh, can't leave out google talk. One thing I like about the Linux Messenger GAIM -it combines all those messenger services into one. You can laugh, but the world will communicate more through messenger/voice services in the future, especially help and information services.

Today- I did my updates on my website, and this blog. Then I went to work. It was busy tonight, but not crowded. Everyone coming in, came to buy something specific. We watch Devils Triangle on SciFi network after, and I blogged. I guess I can't really say blogged, since it's a past tense term, and I'm currently blogging, but when you read this, I will have blogged. I guess, from my perspective, later on, I will have been blogging. Yeah, figure that one out.

Exercise- Did I workout today? Yoga? Endurance? Anything? NO. My reason -I got too busy with my website. Is that a good excuse? Of course not. The truth is; I just let the time slip away.

Food- This subject, if I recall, is going to be avoided this month.

Intentions- We see how good they worked yesterday. Guess I'm on my way to hell. Hopefully, I'll make a U-turn tomorrow.

Monday, December 05, 2005

New Look

I hope you like the new look. It still needs some work. I'd like to make the Title a bit bigger, but other than that, I'm pretty satisified. I messed up the original layout, and did a google search on Blogger Templates, and found this layout. I think it looks a bit better, and the text is easier to read.

Let me know what yall think.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lunch Break

During my lunch break today, I walked over to Petsmart. I like going there because the let dogs in. Dogs make my heart feel good inside. It's difficult to hold back a smile when I see a dog, tail-a-waggin. Today though, my heart broke a wee bit. The dog you see above is one of several they had out. There was a volunteer group taking care of them. They were Katrina survivor animals. Each one had a story, where and how it was found, the condition it was in, and how it is now. They were very nice dogs, and wanted to go home with someone so bad. I wanted to take one home, but another dog just won't work right now. A year or two away, maybe. We'd love to taking in a Katrina survivor, but ChiliDog just isn't old enough yet. She's got another year or so before she's grown enough. I feel bad though; everyone could have a reason to not take in a dog. The thing is to find a reason why. That's the only way these dogs will have a home. Hopefully, there will be some dog-empty homes out there, badly in need of some love, and badly needing to give love. One of the beautiful creatures would be glad to help out such a family.

Okay, enough of the sappy shit.

Today- I went to work at 10am, came home, ate at El Potro, went to Borders, walked the dogs, then back on the computer for more Linux practice, affiliate setups, and Main Site work. I'd like to have My Store page completed by tomorrow night, and the sub-pages of it by Friday. I'm just waiting on acceptance from a few more affiliate vendors. Oh, speaking of that; Today's Blog brought to you by:
Florida Shorts: Short Tales by Five Florida Writers
Florida Shorts: Short Tales by Five Florida Writers

The link above is, once again, for our book. This link is through, if you're use to working with them. Our writing group actually will make a little more money if you purchase through Barnes and Noble's website, but it's not that important. We'd just like you to buy our book.

I do have one more product recommendation:

I tried out this DVD, and was really impressed. It's pretty basic, but Seanne Corn does a really good job of instructing you through the sequence. Like I said, it's pretty basic, so it would be a good one if your fairly new to Yoga.

Okay, enough ads for today. Speaking of Yoga, I STILL haven't trained in a few days. Anything. This is what happens when I get out-of-pattern. It's partially why I prefer to train, in one way or another, everyday. Training momentum works for me. Or at the moment, works against me. I would train tonight, but it would keep me awake right now. Yoga tomorrow- for sure.

Stephen and Brett, if you read my blog- and I hope you do- please send me some pics to post.

Find Books Barnes and

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Disney MGM

Nancy and I went to Disney MGM today. We had a good time, especially on the Rock'n Rollercoaster. That's the best rollercoaster I've been on.

I woke up late today; about 9:30am. I've been staying up too late trying to get this affilate program thing working well. So far, Wal Mart and Amazon have responded, so I'll post some of my suggested purchases from them for now.

Nancy and I left for MGM late today -about 2:30pm. This was probably a good thing, except by the time we got there, Nancy's bloodsugar had dropped too low. Anyone who know's Nancy, knows what happens if her bloodsugar gets too low. We got some icecream in her, and the Wicked Witch of Orlando disappeared.

Oh, let me do my commercial now:
Today's Blog brought to you by:
Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, and the SelectTech Package

Pictured above is the Bowflex/Nautilus adjustable dumbbells, called SelectTech. You can learn more about them at: BowFlex SelectTech. For some reason, the picture above is showing the 220 in my preview mode, but when you clieck on it, it should come up with the 550 set. These are pretty cool. In some ways, they're better than PowerBlocks. The only drawback of them is that they go up to 52.5 lbs, and no addon kits are available, just yet. I've tried them a bit, and they are a really good tool. Well made too, probably better made than the PowerBlocks. The BowFlex bench is nice, but a bit too big for me. The overall price of the package isn't too bad though. Prices subject to change, of course. Right now, it's listed at $866 for the entire package.
A lesser priced alternative is:

The current price for the Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells are $39.99. I good deal there. I'll post up some recommended adjustable benches tomorrow. Sports Authority has a pretty good selection of some pretty good stuff, but Amazon and Wal Mart list some good things too. If you're curious, or just click on the links above.

Back to the importan stuff: ME - Tomorrow, I'll be working at Sports Authority. Hopefully by Monday, I'll have my site updated, and you can see that. Maybe do some online shopping there too, while your surfing my site. Enough sales. Well, one more:

Don't forget to buy a copy of Florida Shorts. Three of my stories are in it. You can even have it giftwrapped, and sent directly to someone on your Out-Of-Town shopping list.

I haven't worked out in a few days. Other than walking the dogs, nothing. Nada, Ziltch, Zippo. Goose egg... So much for my making it go somewhere idea. I've been so focused on learning Red Hat Linux - Fedora Core distribution. I'm liking it more and more, despite some of the limitations with things I'm use to. Actually, the OS isn't really limited; my understand is. I'll get better.

Thanks for reading my blog. Oh, and don't forget to read Nancy's Blog

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today was fairly productive, even though I didn't really do anything. It's a realization as to why I sit in front of the computer so much. Since I don't do movement in front of the computer, I feel lazy. But, I get a lot done.

Today, I signed up for some affiliate programs. On my site, I'll have many more links in My Store section. Right now, it goes to my apparal site. I do hope you visit that site, and make a few purchases here and there. I'd love to see my face on someone I've never met. That would be pretty cool. I've signed up for several different companies. Basically, if you use my links to purchase something, I get a little bit of the money. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick out specific items I recommend. Right now, each checkout will have to be seperate. I'm sure there's a way to consolidate the checkout, but I'll work on that later. Most of my affiliates have to do with fitness, books, or places I shop, and things I like. You'll see.

We saw, Walk The Line today. Joaquin Phoenix will probably win the Oscar for that, for sure. It might even get best move. Reece Witherspoon did really good in the part of June Carter Cash, but I don't think the part was that much a stretch for her. She's a Tennessee girl already. She did a good job though. I was convinced of each part through the movie. This one is a must see.

This blog was brought to you buy sweatshirts. If you're cold, buy one of my friggn sweatshirts. NOW!


I am so sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger. I deserve low page rankings -but I hope you'll overlook this little indiscretion.

This was a sign over the gas pump, 2 for $2. It was referring to a one liter bottle of water. If I remember right, that's slightly more than a 32oz bottle. That water cost $4 a gallon?? Friggin forget making a car that runs on water. No way I'm paying $4 a gallon for water, unless it was a life-or-death situation.

Not much is going on with me. I'm one of the Grinchy types this time of year. It's not that I don't like Christmas; I don't really like most Holidays -except Thanksgiving, and that's only recently. It's mostly because holidays throw me off my patterns.

I did have my Powerpoint Presentation on Tuesday night for school. I'll figure how to get a link to it on here, and make it available for you to download. I did it on, "Alternative Publication Methods Using Current Technologies" Sound boring, but I can make anything fun. Except Christmas.

This is Drew Baye, Emma, and their new son Luke. Congratulations Emma and Drew, and welcome to carbon-based existence little Luke. It will be an adventure. Drew and Emma; I'd like to personally thank you for your contribution to the Social Security fund. Since they're not going to do things my way, they're going to have to pay a pretty penny for me. Anyway, glad everything worked okay for ya'll. Checkout Drew's site:

If you're a flickr fan, go to the FlickrNation blog, and download the Podcasts. Some pretty good insiders info there, and information about what may be going one with flickr in the future. Not quite as entertaining as other Podcasts, but good information.