Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday - After Disney

Today, I got up and worked out a new client. I'm back to an early morning schedule -6:30am. I'm actually glad to be waking up earlier. For some reason, I didn't get a headache today, and I think it had something to do with getting up early. I didn't have headaches as bad when that was my regular routine. Maybe I'm just less tense, since things are going in forward motion. After that client, and came home and ate breakfast, studied, then worked out more clients. It's nice having the facility just up-the-street.

After lunch, I napped, then went for my first day of work at Sports Authority. The above picture is me training on their 'training program'. It's flash based. Decent, but I think they could do better. I can tell my age. Not that I felt old, but at how young everyone else looked, and how they talked about work. Nice people, but I can tell they've been there awhile. Let's just say, I hope I feel different about working there than they do, in the future. They didn't say bad things about the company. Nothing like that. Mostly about each other. It was pretty entertaining, actually.

I came home to the usually exhuberance from Abby and ChiliDog, and Nancy. Abby seemed especially glad to see me.

You're reading what I did after that.

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