Friday, November 25, 2005


Every year, everyone participates in Thanksgiving. This year, I've decided to be the receiver for all that thanks.

You're welcome.

Can you guess who this is? Yes! You got it right! It's ME, and my first bike. I think I was about five years old in this picture, maybe less. My mom can add to this post, when she remembers the year. I don't remember the year, much less the bike. Can you believe the stuff they made us wear in the 60's?

I didn't have any pictures of today, so I decided to show you that one.

Yesterday- I trained my clients, worked on homework, learned more Linux, and went to work.

Today- I goofed around all morning, took a nap, had Thankstaking dinner, had two glasses of wine (which I rarely ever have any alcohol) and got a bit tipsy -cheap drunk that I am.

I will have more entertaining post for you in the future. A bit dry with them lately, huh? And, I haven't kept to that fitness thing very well, have I. Sorry about that.

Oh, and once again, You're welcome.

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