Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The anxiety level is much less today. I measured it with an anxiety test. It's interesting to do that stuff sometimes.

When I was an athlete, we learned how to manipulate anxiety. Some people had to learn to calm down. I, on the other hand, had to psyc myself up. I had to increase my anxiety before an event. Sometimes you see athletes do this by bouncing around, punching the lockers, or shaking the jitters, like swimmers do. Others have to remain as calm, and still as possible. They focus on something other than the event, usually their breathing. For them, anxiety destroys their performance. For me, it enhances my performance. It helps me focus, and hone in on the task at hand. At the peak of anxiety, nothing else exists. It worked great when I was an athlete.

But, it doesn't work so well in real life. Top athletes actually go through counseling to learn how to transition into real life, if there actually is such a thing. Basically, the go through deprogramming.

I never learned how to shut the anxiety down when I needed to. I had to train myself. Sometimes, it's more of a struggle. Luckily, not this time.

So far, things with the Art Festival pre-screening went well. Tonight, I updated the database, which I'd never seen before, and did a pretty good job of it. Then, I transferred the data to an Excel worksheet. Not to difficult. My next task is to prepare the spreadsheet for Saturday. I might need some help with that. Hopefully, I'll get it right.

I did other screening, too. After I'd trained my clients this morning, I fixed 2 panels in our pool screen enclosure. Panels that had been out since Hurricane Charlie, last year. It took me a while to figure it out, but I did. I impressed myself. Almost killed myself in the process. I would have been an unimpressive ghost then. Haunting a pool....hmmm. I could think of worse places to have to haunt. Hopefully, I'll never die at a rest-stop on the Florida Turnpike.

I didn't get my body stats up yet, as I want to provide it with an entire picture, front/back/side with stats at the bottom. I'm going to do it every 90 days, or so. I'd really like to get an Alignabod backdrop. It helps with reference points to really see changes. I'll probably go ahead and do the first round without it. Shipping seems to take awhile, and it might actually get here after the holidays. Anyway, I'll post something up for you.

  • Breakfast- 2 Zone bars
  • Lunch- Subway grilled chicken sandwich, with spinach, tomatoes, and lots of green peppers. I like to tell the sandwich maker, "You might not have enough green peppers in that little bucket. Strangely enough, green peppers don't mess with my stomach. Go figure.
  • Dinner- Ham sandwich, chicken-noodle soup.
  • Snacks- a few pieces of Halloween candy, but much less that the last few days.

Exercise- I was suppose to do some endurance training tomorrow. Life got in the way. Either that, or poor planning. We know the real answer there, don't we?

The Awful Truth- I didn't plan a better time for my endurance training.

Brownie Points- Reread the whole thing about screening. Both parts.

Intentions- Better planning for Yoga and endurance training. I can do endurance in the mornings, but Yoga still has to be in the afternoon. I've tried Yoga in the morning enough times to know that it just don't work well for me there.

I also intend to getting more sleep, and getting you more pictures of me.

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