Saturday, November 26, 2005


Here it is, so far. My cheapy Linux computer. Right now, I have it set up to work similar to Windows, but it can be set up to work like a Mac. You can even switch back and forth. This is the same system that is going on the $100 MIT Laptop. You've got to check out that link. It's part of the One Laptop per Child Initiative. If this initiative works, even half way, it will change the world as we know it. Information will flow, faster than anyone can imagine. People across the planet will be in contact, on a regular basis. The children we see in the improvished areas in Thailand, Africa, India, and South America will now be in chat rooms. No longer will be able to ignore the rest of the world, while we suck on our Liquid Candy, and devour food than can do us no good at all.
It's small, green, in very durable. That yellow thing is a crank. It generates electricity for the device. Most of the places and people that will get this device won't have electricity. In some areas of the world, this laptop will be the family's only night light source. Read more about it from the links above.

Like I said before, Red Hat Fedora is going to be the Operating System for that computer, so it's a good thing I'm learning it now. Have I become a Linux convert? No. I'm not fanatical about anything (except undoing the HIT damage I did), and not about to fall into the Microsoft is evil mindset. This stuff is I's and O's, on/off switchs on an incredibly microscopic level. It's not the hill I want to die on, so to speak. Chocolate, however,...I could get fanatical about that, especially Dove Chocolate.

Yesterday- I worked lastnight, Black Friday night. So far, it didn't seem to go well for anyone but Wal Mart. The news and the other stores are trying to make it sound good, but don't be fooled. Let's hope people spend more money between now and New Years Day. Monday will be important, as that is the day for Online Sales, the Online version of Black Friday.

Today- I really didn't do much of anything. I did some homework, studied, and worked more on learning Linux. I didn't workout, didn't do Yoga, didn't run. I sat on my ass. Funny thing - I don't feel too guilty.

Intentions- Tomorrow, we're going to Animal Kingdom.

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