Sunday, November 20, 2005

Today is my second posting from my Linux based computer. I've done pretty well getting this thing going, if I say so myself. I don't know how Red Hat Linux compares with the other distributions out there, but it's working well for me so far. The hardest part of working with Linux is installing programs. It seems that it's a bit easier with Red Hat, than the others, but I'm still not sure what I'm doing when I try to install something. I must be doing it fairly well; I've installed about five programs so far. The most important one for me is the MP3 player. I was able to get the RealPlayer to play MP3 files. That was the hardest thing so far.

Today, I worked more on setting this little beast up, obviously, went to work, came back and set up Linux some more. Loaded some of my files on here; pictures, documents, etc. Not that I'll really use them a lot, but I do need the practice with this. I'm willing to bet Linux will eventually beat out Windows, unless Microsoft can bring down the Windows prices. Bring them down A LOT. And Mac OS isn't winning any kudo's with tech types anymore either. When you're update contains 13,000 bug fixes, somethings wrong. The thing that's wrong is you're releasing software before it's ready! This is nothing new, though.

Exercise- Other than walking the dogs, didn't workout. That's not good, but not really bad. The whole intention of Holiday training is to get as much in as you can, and let the holiday schedule cause your rest days.

The Awful Truth- Spent way too much time obsessing on getting this computer working. Sorry Nancy.
I don't want to start my next class unprepared, so it was important for me to get this working. But, I do tend to overfocus on it.

Brownie Points- I've added Linux Red Hat to my skills. Now, I just need to learn some basics of that whole command line prompt thing. Ugh. Text based computing is the pits.

Bored enough yet?

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