Sunday, November 27, 2005

Animal Kingdom

We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom today. This was a view from one of the bridges there. You can see the new Everest ride in the background. Click on the picture, or my little flickr badge on the right of the page, and you can see all the pics I took today. Told you I'd get more pics to you.

Animal Kingdom is really nice. It's usually not very crowded, and it's a place you feel like you can really take your time, especially for annual pass holders.
These two Merkat's were sitting sentinal, while the other were going about their Merkat business. They didn't really pay us any attention, except as a mild distraction.

I think the Everest ride is going to be spetacular when it's ready. The que line looks like a Himilayan village, minus the Maoist rebels, that is. Then again, there might be some Maoist coming to Disney now and then, but I doubt it.

Tomorrow, I'll spend most of the day working on my Powerpoint presentation for school. It's already too long, so I've got to cut it a bit. I'm going to try to give out some of the Florida Shorts ebooks to the students, partially in hopes of drumming up some business.

Don't forget to visit Nancy's blog:
And, don't forget to order a few gift wrapped copies of Florida Shorts for your friends that aren't in town. It's easy to do, but make sure you do it before December 12, or it might not get there by Christmas. Order now, and I'll pretend to enjoy Christmas.

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Dreama said...

Hi Danny - I really enjoyed taking a break from work today to read your blog! The Animal Kingdom pictures are great :~).

About Red Hat...I love it!! We use Linux on our experimental laboratory computers, so I'm learning how to program kind of backwards (hunting and pecking until something is changed in the direction I want). Maybe I should "take a class"!

I hope we get to visit soon. I miss our chats. The good news is that staying so busy has helped me to forget that I have a broken heart!