Thursday, November 03, 2005

For want of a better blog

Some days I have more to write about, and some days I don't. Lastnight, I didn't really get a choice. It seems Blogger was doing some maintainence, and the pages were taking up to 3 minutes to load. Other net pages were loading fine, but blogger was being persnickity, so I didn't do a post. I'm sorry. Okay? Jeez. Miss one day, and their ready to fire you. There are other blogs out there, you know. I know; mine's the best, and you live for my post. I'll do better, but I can't promise anything about blogger. On with the show.

This was Nancy and I last Saturday night at the St. Andrews Night Dinner. Evidently, things like this are a way bigger deal than I knew. After looking over the list of people there, I felt kind of- "One of these things is NOT like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong." That was mostly because of my age, but there were some very prominent people there. Maybe I'll be prominent some day. See my tie? That's the tartan for Clan Campbell. Nancy got the tie for me at the last Highland Games Scottish Festival. It's really nice for a 15 dollar tie.

I'm starting to get some responses from people reading my blog (I abhor the word feedback. That's what you get when the mic is setup wrong). I'm averaging a wee bit more everyday. I think I might have a party when I reach 1000 hits. It will probably just be Nancy, me, and the dogs, but we'll eat some leftover Halloween Candy, watch TV, and have a hoot! Maybe even dance a little jig with the dogs.

Can you tell I'm struggling for things to write about yet?

I'm stressing a bit about the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival screening next weekend. I've got to be ready. NOW, there's and added pressure. Sports Authority is having a mandatory meeting for preparations for Black Friday. That's the day after Thanksgiving. The meeting is 7am-9am. I have to be at screening at by 8am. Maybe I can get there at 8:30am. Sports Authority will just have to put up with it. The funny thing is; If there's a problem, they want a NOTE! I'm going on the assumption it was a joke.

Today- I trained my clients this morning, walked the dogs, worked on some Excel homework, and got to work on cleaning for the judges party. After that, we worked out, cleaned up, and went to our Five Florida Writers meeting, at Donatos Pizza. It was a fun meeting. Usually is.

Nutrition- The last few days, it's been pretty good, except for the massive amounts of Halloween candy. I now realize the fattening holidays don't begin with Thanksgiving. The begin the November 1st, the day after Halloween. I'll have to up my training to compensate. Give the extra food somewhere to go, something to do besides sit on my waist. Today:

  • Breakfast- Zone Bar. 1 1/2 hour later- Honey Nut Cheerios. I was still hungry.
  • Midmorn- More Halloween candy. Yeah, I know.
  • Lunch- Left over noodles and meatballs. Nancy makes good ones.
  • Midday- What do you think??
  • Supper- Donato's Chicken Veggie Pizza. Hey, at least I got some veggies in today!
  • Evening- More you-know-what.

Overall, a nutritionally wretched day. But, there was the veggies.

Exercise- Strength Training this week has been very good. Good workouts. But, I haven't done any Endurance training this week. No intervals, no continous. Some that was protecting my hip, but that's really an excuse. I did fine with 4 sets of dumbbell squats. So, I'm a lazy ass. That right, my clients; we struggle with this stuff too. Just cause we work at the facilities don't make in any easier. Do YOU want to stay at work an extra hour? Yeah, thought not.

The Awful Truth- You did read the nutrtion thing, didn't you? And about the Halloween candy? Oh, and don't forget the whole no endurance training thing either. Pretty dam awful, if you ask me. If I was my own client, I'd yell at my ass!

Brownie Points- Now I'm craving brownies! Thanks alot!

I've noticed that I've been giving myself Brownie Points for getting things done that I was suppose to do anyway. To be honest, I see no problem with this. You'd have to really know me to understand.

Intentions- I intend to come up with something better to blog about tomorrow. Other than that, I have to get ready for Screening. That's about all I'm focused on now.

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