Monday, November 07, 2005


I didn't get very many hits on my blog today. Only about 25, or so. Time to do some content rework.

The emails I get about my blog tell me they like the candidness. It's 'out in the open' so to speak. Like my profile says, "No secrets here." My commentary gets some good reviews, but only when it's humorous. The serious ones get nothing.

So, for awhile, I'll try to change up on my blog a bit; more focus on fitness. After all, I am CoachDANNY.

If you ever intend on being able to workout at home, I greatly encourage you to get one of these:

This is a Multi Function Chin bar. This model is under the Everlast name. It catches in the doorway. Here's a pic of me, from last year, using mine:

No bolts to screw in, no shower curtain like telescoping to do. Just teeter in it, and go to town. The lever effect holds it place very well. As part of a home gym, I'd rate this 3rd in my list of necessary items. The first being a decent set of dumbbells. The second being an adjustable bench. With those three items, you're pretty much good to go, as far as what's needed for a home gym. Well, there is that other thing; self discipline.

If you aren't able to chin your bodyweight, simply put a chair in the doorway, and let your feet help you. I call this Self Assisted Chins. At first, you're legs will help a good bit, but as you work on them, you're arms will do more and more work. Do your repetitions slowly; that will help you use your legs less. As you get stronger, you can use just one leg to help. Make sure you go to a dead hang (I love that term), on each repetition. Don't stop the rep short. Every so often, even if you know you can't get it, try to chin your bodyweight. Keep working on it, and eventually you'll get it.

Okay, done with the fitness thing for today.

Today- I worked on Excel homework exercises. I'm obsessing on it, out of necessity. You know, that whole Art Festival screening thing.

Nutrition- Not too bad today:

Exercise- Lower body, hamstring focus. I did a peculiar routine, something like the thigh routine I did the other day. Leg Curl with one leg-right leg first, immediately to stiff-leg deadlift. Same sequence with left leg. Then, I alternated lying leg curls with different types of lunges. My hip felt better after the workout.

The Awful Truth- I'm scared shitless about the whole Excel/Screening thing this Saturday. Maybe I should backoff on my fiber intake?

Brownie Points- I worked out, even though I had a sinus headache for the second day in a row. It still hasn't gone away. No med work. Ibuprofen helps a bit, but I'm so topped out in that, I try to avoid it as much as possible. It's wrecked my stomach and intestines from years of overuse. It will be the death of me. Morgan and Mogan, you listening?

Intention- I intend on studying more Excel tomorrow. Pass my Excel test- actually not to worried about that part. I intend on working out tomorrow- chest/biceps.

I owe Pope Urban II and apology. It seems that Fatimid caliph of Cairo, al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah had the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem destroyed, in 1009 A.D. Pope Urban II was responding to that destruction. Sorry Urban.

Bad Caliph. Bad, Bad Caliph. Destroying churches is a no-no!

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freddynfierno said...

se nota que eres super fanatico de los ejercicios y todo eso.
aunque no entiendo mucho tu idioma... igual te mando saludos desde chile.