Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I'm not worried about the impending Bird Flu pandemic, Terrorism, or even global warming. My own anxiety will get me first. Funny thing is; I don't get anxiety of those things.

Anxiety has been my own personal plague. It lead to a really good freakout in college circa 1985, a decent one in 99, and please excuse me while I have an entertaining freakout now. Interestingly enough, I have learned to somewhat compartmentalize my anxiety. I keep it specific to the anxious topic, as best I can.

The whole Art Festival thing isn't going too well. At least it doesn't seem like it is. I'm ill-prepared for what I have to do this Saturday, and the impending screw up will be seen as my fault (can anyone say- 1.Fortune Telling, 2.Mind Reading, 3.All-or-nothing thinking, 4.Mental Filter, 5.Magnification - I'm just all over the lists of 'cognitive distortions' here. Hey, my anxiety just went down a bit. How bout that?

Truth is; it will probably workout fine. There will be some awkard stuff, since I am very new to using Excel, and I'm not practiced with the procedure the guy who set this workbook up used. I'll get through it. But, in the meantime, excuse the 'rage against the machine' yell. Thank Pink Floyd

Enough about me. Wait, forget that; it's never enough about me.

All day, I tried to think about what to write about with fitness. Nothing came through. We'll keep working on that, won't we. In the meantime, know that trainers do struggle with this stuff, just as much as all of you. The fact that we have the knowledge, access, and ability to this stuff makes any excuse stupid, but it's still tough. We do understand. Be right back,...have to finish another Milky Way. Halloween is no longer a favorite Holiday, but Haunted Mansion will still be my favorite ride.

Today- I didn't workout any clients, as I told them to scram. Actually, some rescheduled, and one had a death in the family. No, it wasn't her own death.

Nutrition- I didn't want to post this, but I guess I should:
  • Breakfast- 3 slices of Nancy's wonderful French Toast, from leftovers. Hey, I didn't want it to spoil. I've heard that some foods actually do spoil in the freezer, but I just can't let my french toast show me that.
  • Lunch- Arby's French Dip. Such a hypocrite I can be.
  • Supper- Some sort of premade pasta/chicken dish. I'm sure the sauce is now clinging to my ribs.
  • Snacks- Halloween candy is almost gone. Almost.

Exercise- One thing that I fail to post, mostly because I don't consider it exercise, is the 45min-1 hour of walking the dogs, most often twice a day. You see, it's how the log on to the Urinet, and read their Peemail. I can't deny them the scent surfing, can I? Abby must have found a few good message boards, and left one helluva reply.

Nancy and I worked Chest/Biceps today. I think the anxiety from the whole Art Festival thing helped me push a bit harder. I was stronger, even though I didn't have as much sleep.

The Awful Truth- The whole anxiety thing, and how it's difficult to keep in check. To all who've had to deal with it with me; sorry. The Yoga really helps for it, and that's the main reason I do Yoga. Actually, there's another reason, but it's just not fit to print here.

Brownie Points- For passing my Excel test today; perfect score with extra credit. Now, the REAL test- actually using it in life- comes this Saturday. PostGrad studies, anyone?

Intentions- I intend to look here tomorrow to see what I intended on doing today, even if I had no intentions. At least, no 'honorable' intentions.

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