Monday, November 21, 2005

Command Line

Yes, more Linux news. Not much else is going on with me these days. Obsessing on something is how I make progress. It's also how I study. All or nothing. Not a productive way of life, but hey, it's what I've got. I did work on some homework for school today.

So far, I like Linux except for the bitch of installing programs. Evidently, Red Hat "Fedora" is actually one of the easier ones. Ubuntu is another, but it can be really complicated. Maybe it's not that complicated for someone who's use to it. I'm not. I'm a GUI guy (Graphical User Interface- like what you see with Mac OS and Windows, not C prompt). Give me something like looks like a file folder, and a 'wizard' to help me install software.

Installing some software on Linux requires using the Command Line. That name even sounds like something to be avoided. I don't want nuthin have'n no command over me! You can think of the command line like the C prompt on MS DOS. I know Linux users are going to cry foul here, but that's what it looks like, except with a white background and black lettering. In order for me to really learn Linux, I'll need to learn the Command Line. I wonder if I'll actually get to command anything. Right now, it feels like it commands me.

If I can learn it well, I'd like to take older computers, and fix them up with Linux, and give them to people who otherwise couldn't afford a computer. Until Linux is mostly, if not all, graphical like Windows and Mac OS, it's not going to be a hit with the general public. As it stands now, it seems to be about 85-90% graphical, with occasional need to go to the command line. Geez, I sound about as boring as right now, huh? My point is; Linux has a future, and I need be on top of that. It might even have more of a future than Windows or Mac. Who knows. It doesn't matter really. They're all just toys to me anyway.

Nutrition- Please move along. Let the next of kin through.

Exercise- Nancy and I worked out today; Lower Body- Hamstring emphasis. Tomorrow is Back/Triceps day. Higher reps on back (no more than 15, no lower than 12), and heavy on triceps (no higher than 6, no lower than 3). The next time we do Back/Triceps, the pattern is reversed.
During the other workouts (chest/biceps, quads, hams), we'll do one set, maybe two at the most, of 8-12 reps of one of the 'off' parts. This is a newer strategy for me, and I've just really started playing with it, so I'll report the progress back to you.

The Awful Truth- I haven't done Yoga in over a week. I can tell the difference too. It's not a good difference. For me, personally, Yoga has to be the focus of my training, and I've let that focus go a bit. I need to go back to the daily 30 minute routines. Also, I've failed in the last few days to give you some pictures. People seem to like those. My iPAQ doesn't syncronize with this Linux system. Not yet, that is. There's a way to do it, but it's more advanced than my current skills. I'll do a work around soon. I'm trying to get as much practice with Linux as I can, before my classes in January. Be Prepared.

Brownie Points- Getting MP3's to work on Linux was a biggy for me. Not having Halloween candy is another brownie point. Not having it in the house, I mean.

Intentions- I intend on working my Chest/Biceps tomorrow, doing more PowerPoint presentation homework, another Excel practice homework (even though it's not necessary), and doing 30 minutes of Yoga. That, and sleeping in a a bit.

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