Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm writing this post from my new computer. Did I say new? Yes. Expensive? No. Practially FREE! All I paid for was the harddrive -not too much. What's different about this computer? I'm running it on LINUX!! That's right! Linux -Red Hat Linux, to be particular about it. I downloaded it to my WindowsXP laptop, burned the install discs, and loaded them on here. Kick ASS!! Linux is pretty cool looking. Red Hat's Gnome desktop looks a bit like Mac OS X, so it's not too hard to work with.

It was fairly important that I learned how to use this operating system. My next class is 'Intro to Operating Systems", and Linux- Red Hat is part of it. Now, I'm ready.

The cool thing about Linux is that most of the software is FREE, including the Office application from Open There's a version for Windows or Mac too. You may have heard about the hoopla with it in Massachusetts. They decided to go with Open Office .xml file formats, and .pdf document formats, meaning - they've pretty much decided to go to Linux.

Don't get my wrong, folks - I'm not a Microsoft basher. I like Microsoft, and think they make some pretty good products, though somewhat overprice (especially compared to FREE!). I like Apple Mac OS, but I'm not a Mac fanactic. Basically, I'm just a techy guy, who like to workout.

Sorry I don't have a picture today. I'll figure how to load pictures on this computer soon.

Exercise- The last few days, Nancy and I worked out everyday, except for today. So far my impromtu breaks idea is working. Next workout is Legs- Hamstring Emphasis.

Nutrition- Has been pretty good too, maybe except for lastnight - El Potro. Love that place. With the Holidays and all, I'm going to post my nutrition, but I'm not going to worry about it too much. In January, we'll get really serious about the food aspect of my training. For now, I'm going to enjoy eating, and workout enough to give it somewhere to go besides fat.

The Awful Truth- As Maggie Wang says, "Move along now. Nothing to see here."

Brownie Points- Right here, right now! I installed, and am using, Linux. I'm WAY proud of myself right now.

Intentions- Workout tomorrow morning, before work.

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