Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Signs of Christmas

After I trained my clients this morning, Nancy, Shelly, and I went to the Festival of Trees, at the Orlando Museum of Art. It's a fund raising event for the Museum, put on by the Council of 101. The counsil does some great things for the museum, despite their reputation for being a bunch of self important snobby women. I've met a few, and didn't find them to be self important. I didn't meet them long enough to know if they were snobs or not. But, the council of 101 does have that reputation. Like most volunteer organizations, I'm sure about 20% of the people do 80% of the work, while the rest are there for self promotion. Such types are easily seen through.

The Festival of Trees was really good. Disney quality presentation. If you'll click on my little flickr banner, you can see some of the trees. My toy doesn't have a flash, and it's really sensative to movement, so some of the pictures weren't great, but you can get the idea. You can click on the flickr words here, too.

After that, I worked at Sports Authority tonight.

Exercise- I'd intended to workout today, but forgot we were going to the festival. I need to get with Nancy about the Holiday schedule of events, so I can plan workouts.

For the rest of the holiday season, I'm going to plan on working out everyday. It's worked for me in the past- giving the extra food somewhere to go besides fat. Unplanned events will force breaks.

  • Breakfast- Zone bar for breakfast, midmorn- Whole wheat bagel with Olivia spread
  • Lunch- Asigio Roast Beef sandwich (Panera), chips, pickle. It's what they had at the festival.
  • Dinner- Turkey sandwich, apple, leftover cake. evening- honeynut cheerios with added protein and fiber. I figure; if I'm going to eat bad, might as well make it better.

The Awful Truth- The whole no workout today thing. Also, while writing this blog, I almost forgot what part comes next.

Brownie Points- Being able to remember what comes next. I think I was respectful to Nancy's friends at the Festival. It's hard to tell if I embarass people, since I don't experience that emotion. Usually, when people tell me I've embarassed them, I'm more curious about what that feels like to them, instead of what I did. To be honest, I'm not really interested in what I did anyway. I'm going to be me either way. I can't let someone elses embarassment dictate my personality. So, brownie points for being ME!

Intentions- I intend to do tomorrow, what I intended yesterday to do today. Don't worry, I had trouble with that one, too.

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