Friday, November 11, 2005


No commentary today. Sorry.

I pressure washed today. I wish I could wash away the pressure.

I promised to give you more pictures, and stuff about fitness, so here's what I have today. This is a pic of me doing what I call, Lower Abs. I'm backwards, on a decline bench press. This is the top of the exercise. My legs lower to the ground with bent knees. My feet barely touch the floor, the the next repetition starts.

A more accurate name for this exercise would be: Hip Flexion + Reverse Crunch. This is a warmup exercise, especially on leg day.

Nancy and I worked Legs-quad emphasis today. I'd intended on going very heavy, progressing dumbbell squats with 8 reps, starting with the 20 lbs'ers, and working my way up. I got as high as 50 today. I've done better. I wasn't tired, overtrained, etc. My hip was irritated again. It felt better after the workout, but not enough to go as heavy as I can. Like I tell my clients, "Just give me what you've got today." I usually expect a perfect workout, my best effort and focus. Today was good enough. I can be my own worst client.

Nutrition- Breakfast, Zone bar, then Whole Wheat bagel 1/2 hour later. Lunch- Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly sandwich. Did I ever tell you how much I like Peanut Butter. Dinner- El Potro. We might not be able to get there this weekend, so we ate their tonight.

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