Sunday, November 06, 2005


I took this picture last night at Publix. I thought it was really interesting. What do you think? Yes, it's the Ice Cream isle, but that's not what I'm talking about. It just seemed fitting for the subject.

Some people are impressed with financial achievement. Some are impressed with academic achievement. Others are impressed by social contacts. I, like others, am only slighty impressed by those things. Achievements of physical effort impress me. Athletes, especially Olympians are what catch my admiration.

If you are impressed with financial achievement, you might view other achievements in a different way, or not even see them as achievements at all. You might view athletic achievement as a waste of time, if it didn't lead to financial rewards. You might see social achievement as ridiculous, unless it leads to some business. You probably view academic achievement as 'Those who can't, teach,' but someone like Trump, Gates, or Buffet as impressive

If academic achievement is impressive to you, you might view social achievement as lofty, and superficial. You'd see financial achievement as a selfish pursuit, and athletes as mindless jocks. But, you'd be impressed with someone like Story Musgrave, or Marilyn Vos Savant.

If you are impressed with social contacts, you'd be impressed with someone who knew all of the people I just mentioned. You're probably a master of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," has actually made a difference in your life. People with few social contacts are of no interest to you, unless they might know someone important.

Some people are quick to discuss their religious affiliations, or their spiritual enlightenment. It might even be a belief system they always bring up in conversation. They are not impressed with any physical, financial, or social achievements.

Have you ever been in a group, and someone started talking about one of the above impressions, and you were not impressed? I wonder if we assume that everyone is impressed with what impresses us, and can't imagine if different.

In the book, First Things First, Covey, Merrill, and Merrill discuss the four human endowments: The Physical- To Live, Mental- To learn, Social/Emotional- To Love, Spiritual- To Leave a Legacy. If you look at each of the above Impressions, you'll see that each fits in the four human endowments. Financial achievements are part of the physical - to live endowments. We have to have common exchange to get by in this world. Athletics and physical prowes bring about physical competence, and confidence. Our ability, and desire to learn is another endowment that other animals don't seem to poses. The others are pretty much straight forward. If they're not, well, they just aren't impressive to you, and you probably won't get them either way.

The important thing here is the balance. Each of us needs to develop those endowments, and recognize them in others, even if we aren't impressed by them. I'm not particularly impressed with financial achievement, but what I've learned is that I am impressed with the person's passion for what they want to achieve.

What impresses you the most, and why? Do you know people around you that obviously aren't impressed with those things? You probably have difficulty relating to them, and them to you. If you want to connect, learn to enjoy the passion they have for their impressions.

Think about that when you go shopping for presents.

Today- We did Epcot, maybe for the last time this year. Hopefully not. Last year, we made our passes each other's Christmas present. We might not do that this year. We'll see. We hope we can, but it might not be feasible this time.
This is our friend Cheri. She's an artist, and you can go to her webpage; Swede Success Galleries. Epcot has the Food and Wine Festival going on right now, and some artist on display too. Cheri is one of the artists. I thought they should have the artists in a more prominent place, but the wine people have more money.

Nutrition- The only good thing I ate today was dinner- Tuna Steak Salad and Bean and Pork soup. It was good, didn't fill me up, and I should have at like that all day. But I didn't.

Exercise- We decided to delay out leg workout till tomorrow. Probably a better idea, especially at my age.

The Awful Truth- You know; the Halloween candy is still around. I'm trying to eat it fast to get rid of it, but it seems to multiply. I can't eat it fast enough to get rid of it. I didn't do my weekly planning either. Remind me in the morning, if you could.

Brownie Points- I've never been to jail in my life. At least, not yet. I should get credit for that, right?


  • Plan my weekly schedule and tasks
  • Plan my meals
  • Get endurance training in this week
  • Fix the pool screens
  • Piss off at least one branch of government. Someone has to keep them on their toes.

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