Sunday, November 13, 2005


We did screening on Saturday. There were a few blips -the slides in one tray were mixed up a bit- one of the judges didn't understand our screening process- but it went pretty well. I was at the computer almost 9 hours straight. Took a twenty minute lunch. When it was all said and done, we did the statistical decisions needed to keep the catagories repesentative of the applications, what the judges liked, and what we think the public likes. Tough decisions. All seemed okay. I even had two Smirnoff ICE drinks -it only takes one to get me really tipsy. Two, and I'm a falling down drunkard. Nancy made the house look wonderful for the judges party. The patio looked like an outside diner. This house is really good for events like that, but we rarely use it for such anymore.

This morning, I got a call that we'd printed out the wrong information for the notification committee. Opps. I didn't know what they needed, and I'd assumed they needed address, but that wasn't it. I made the changes, and took them to city hall in my pajamas. Imagine that; CoachDANNY at Winter Park old City Hall in his pajamas. Don't worry; I didn't get out of the truck.

Even after that was done, there was still a problem with one catagory being mixed up. Evidently, when I'd sorted the scores by catagory, the one that was mixed up didn't sort the names right. Someone with more advanced Excel skills would probably have picked it up right away, but I didn't know to look. Luckily, it was just one catagory, and I was able to go back and fix it. I think.

I have one habit that has served me well. Whenever I make changes to a file, I make a new file. So, I wind up with things like; screeningv1, screeningv2, screeningv3...etc. That way, if I mess up along the way, I can go back a few steps, and fix it. Of course, that new file would probably be something like; screeningv115. I windup with lots of reduntant files, but's just I's and O's. Binary stuff, lying around on my harddrive. If I get full, I'll trash a few, but I try to transfer them to something else. I'm pretty good about keeping old info and security stuff, and I'm getting even better about the security stuff. Problem is- I don't really have anything that needs to be secure. ID theives would probably decided they needed to help me out. Bad credit can be a good thing, at least as far as ID theives go.

I learned a lot this weekend. I'll be ready when it comes time for awards this year. I'm going to keep studying Excel, even after this class is over. Can't hurt.

Now, it's time to tackle new challenges. The fitness stuff.

I'm trying to figure out a good home physique picture taking standard. I want something that will really show comparisons. Lighting is a big problem I didn't consider until recently. I'll need to figure a standard for lighting. Something really cheap, but works. I'll have all that posted up soon. Be prepared; you're not going to be too impressed with these first photos. No excuses, except for the Halloween candy. I measured my body fat the other day; 19% on the Tanita scale, and my abdominal skinfold was 19mm. Both are just about the worse they've ever been. It's funny how you don't think it's that bad, until you see the actual numbers. My weight hasn't changed much lately; 156.5 average, but obviously I've gained a bit of fat in the last few weeks. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Well, with the way you friggin eat, Danny, no wonder!". You'd be right.

Tomorrow morning, I Intend to plan my week, meals, and training, not just for the week, but through all of the Holidays. Christmas Combat Training plan - Ready for Crusades! I ain't figured out where I'll be Crusading just yet. I heard some people like to Crusade the Bahamas, or the Carribean, or even Hawaii. Some have said the Crusade's to Alaska are nice, but I've heard storys that Crusade's to the Middle East just aren't that great. They say the people that live there are Eatings. But, they don't look overweight, or anything.

Maybe, they have Fitness Crusades. I'd like that.

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