Monday, January 01, 2007

Whoda Thunk

With MP3 players and cellphone everywhere, I don't look so strange with my Pocket PC. Eight years ago, I looked a bit geeky. Even then I was attempting geekdome. Right now I still have my iPAQ (a bit too close to "Iraq" ) RX3715. It's a nice model. I have extended memory and a 2, 1 Gig SD storage cards. Probably this year, an 8-10 Gig storage card will come out, and this little Pocket PC will be better than the old Compaq Desktop I had -the one I rebuilt with Xubuntu Linux on it.

I don't really have too much of a need to synchronize it anymore. I don't use Outlook. I use Yahoo Calendar. I don't use MS Word. I use OpenOffice, and it can convert Pocket Word document files. I mostly use my Pocket PC as a media device. My Nokia phone can connect to Yahoo, so I'm able to use that contact list, email addresses, and task list. When I have an apppointment, I get an email, a text message, and a Yahoo IM as a reminder. It suits my purposes much better than Outlook.

I use my Pocket PC to;
  • Listen to Podcasts (MP3)
  • Listen to Audio books (MP3)
  • Read ebooks (Microsoft Reader)
  • Take pictures
  • Get online - download podcasts
I rarely use it for Calendaring, or even writing anymore. I mostly write on my desktop. I'm attempting to go as open source as possible, without buying new hardware.

What I have now works fine. In the last few days, works even better. Until now, I was only able to listen to MP3 files or Windows Media (WMA, WMV) files. I downloaded a free, open source audio file player, GSPlayer, and it plays almost every audio file currently used. I can now download .ogg files -the open source version of .mp3 file compression- directly into the Pocket PC. I can download ebooks from authors websites. I currently have a library of 50 ebooks on it (had 5000 at one time, but browsing through the library was too slow), 30 audio books (including one Podiobook), 20 or so podcasts, a few video clips, and about 5 music tracks.

An iPod just wouldn't fit me well. Too narrow in content delivery for this ADD person.

I think computers will eventually be this size. You'll see a different user interface when you plug it into a cradle, so it will run your large monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This device won't be an accessory to your desktop. It WILL BE your desktop. Eventually, this will be your cellphone too. While I read on it everyday, I think it will be awhile till most people are able to accept reading on one of these. Your children will probably be the ones that accept it, since they are already getting use to cellphones.

Guess I'm doing my predictions again.

I started my Oatmeal diet today. It's not meant to do anything but calm down and heal my insides. I use 3 minute oatmeal, 1/2 scope of protein powder (10 grams of protein), and a wee bit of Maple Surup. In the future, I'll probably use honey. I eat it every meal of the day, and anytime I get hungry. It's already working. Since it's oatmeal, I get hungry every 4-5 hours. The tension between my shoulderblades is much less, probably a result of giving the gall bladder some help.

I did a lower body workout today. Not much at once, but all throughout the day. As my insides improve, my workout intensity can improve. Right now, my main workout equipment is my Multi Function Chin Bar (yes, this is a commercial):

At the moment, I think this is the best home chin bar design available. I have one, and I use it. Much more recently.

I'm still reading The Long Tail. In the last segment, I've learned that many things, not just products, have a long tail. In war, the long tail is the insurgency. But the main point seems to be that when all content is on an equally available delivery system, the sales to the non hits total up much more than the single hits. And, with content quickly becoming equally available, hits are disappearing. Niche hits are taking their place.

Hopefully, in the future I can take advange of studying things like this, and create something that will take hold of that Long Tail.

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