Thursday, January 11, 2007

ChaCha Update

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So I've been through my first day of training. I had some initial difficulty with the Guide application, but within a few minutes I got use to it. Master Guides are drilling me, till I pass the checklists, then I'll move on to the Pro level, where I get to interact with the public and get paid. I did about twenty self practice sessions, and 6 guided sessions. I'm sure I have more to do before the checklists are complete. I'm looking forward to completing the training.

Getting paid is pretty interesting too. You have two choices, but the primary one is where you get a debit card, and fill it whenever you can. You work till you've made money, and click a "pay me" button, and your debit card is filled with your 'paycheck'. Very cool.

This type of working environment is very close to what I'd like to do as a career. A support type position, working from home. may or may not be that, but it's good practice. Very Web 2.0

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