Friday, January 26, 2007


For someone who can't stand the cold, I have this weird desire to visit, or even live in, cold places. Norway is where I'd like to end up. Even Canada is absolutely beautiful. One of my goals is to visit Antarctica. Me. Yes, ME. Antarctica!

But, I don't think I'll qualify for the Antarctic Gymnastics team:
This is Sandwich Girl.
For now, her home is McMurdo Station, Antarctica. This picture was taken at the South Pole. Not just Antarctica, but the actual South Pole. 90 degrees south. The bottom of the world. When she took this picture, it was: -25.5 F, -44.7 F windchill. That's cold. Right now, it's perpetual daylight there. If you read her Blog on LiveJournal, she writes about her experiences there. I may get to visit there, but there's now way on God's white earth that I'll get down to my Speedo, and do a cartwheel.

I've always wondered two things:
  1. If you stood at the South Pole, like the one in the picture, and walked all the way around it, did you just go through every time zone on the planet? My friend in Australia is a day ahead of me. Would I time travel back and forth at the South Pole? (That actually is the South Pole in the picture, at Amundsen-Scott Station!). Sandwich girl answers this question in her blog. Read it.
  2. If you stuck your tongue onto the South Pole, would it freeze stuck? I think this question was adequately answered, and you know in which movie.
Hat's, or visors, off to Sandwich girl, and her work in Antarctica!

Other Stuff
From a link on BoingBoing, I found this video. It's an autistic girl describing her language. It's a must-see:

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Dutch said...

I think it's a Florida thing. I live in Florida and have always wanted to visit Antarctica as well.