Monday, January 29, 2007

Podcasts and Audiobooks

As many of my readers know, I'm a podcast fan. I subscribe to 32 podcasts. Most of them are technology oriented, but a few are cultural, and two are for writers. I was using Juice to download my podcasts, but iTunes is tied into educational podcasts from many schools, so I switched. I prefer using open source solutions whenever possible, but just as everyone else, it came down to content. I caved in, and went to where the fun was.

For the last two year, I've used my iPAQ 3715 to listen to podcasts and audiobooks (podiobooks). I rarely listen to music. It just puts me to sleep. Any kind of music, even Latvian Death metal (yes, it does exist). But once again, the headphone jack on my iPAQ is giving me problems. So, I looked for a new solution. This time, I used the help of a ChaCha guide.

ChaCha Search Search

Keyword: iPod Shuffle. When the guide came up, I asked for a couple of review pages about it. After reading the reviews, THIS review was the best overall, and convinced me that the iPod shuffle might be my next player. It meets my needs, and from what the article says, it's probably the most durable player available. I also like the size.

So, consider purchasing the iPod Shuffle. Especially consider purchasing if from this link:

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