Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Random Thoughts

Darth Sidious was Gay
Think about it. Palpatine seduced Anakin with the Dark Side of the force. More likey, Sidious simply stole Obi Wan's gay lover. It's quite possible Obi Wan was a child molester, but Sidious was simply a gay Sith Lord. Maybe, all the Sith Lords are gay. "Hi there. I'm Darth Thidiouth. Obey me, or you will have to deal with the Dark Thide of the Forth. Obi Wan was intrusted with the teaching of Anakin. And what of that little green creature, Yoda. He sure had lots of kids in his scenes. And he was very upset with the younglings were slaughtered by Anakin. Remember when Yoda said something like, "Do, or do not. There is no try." It was a freakin muppet, people! A muppet!

Personally, I think the Jedi were the bad guys. The Republic was full of corruption, incompetency, and greed. Palpatine just wanted to bring security to the Galaxy. Security, and Order. So he was a little evil. He had good intentions.

I think Darth Maul and Obi Wan were lovers at one time. That's why Darth Maul was so mad at him.

Mr. Spock was Incompetent
Every time they were attacked, it was Mr. Spocks station that went up, burned up, froze up, or fritzed out. And this was the science officer! Was he that bad at maintenance. I bet Uhura, the communications officer, thought to herself, "I told him to air blast his station last parsect." And with how many times his workstation went offline, you'd think he'd keep backup handy. Backups of something! Anything; circuit boards, memory sticks, etc. How much solder can a circuit board hold? How many patches did he have to download each time. He was probably a Windows Beyond fanboy. And why was he having to look into that little viewing screen all the time? What was so bad about a regular monitor? You guessed it; Vulcan Porn!

Every seven years could get to a guy, ya know. Maybe, if he'd been busy doing his job instead of cruising the Uninet, his workstation wouldn't keep blowing up.

Spock may have been a good science officer, and knew his logic, but the Enterprise definitely needed an IT guy.

William Shatner is Still Overacting
The difference this time; you can't tell. The character of Denny Crane was made for someone who overacts. Shatner fits the part perfectly! He just has to do his usual bit, and on screen you can't tell it's overacting. It was written in the script.

I love Boston Legal. If I were wealthy, I'd hire James Spader to play as my attorney. Never mind he probably doesn't have a law degree. I'd hire other lawyers too, of course. But, they'd simply be a part of writing the script he'd follow in court.

Then again, if I was wealthy, I could do like Ken Lay did, and have my death faked. Let's see; rich guy dies right before going to jail. Yeah. Right.

I wonder if Dick Cheney is having heart trouble again. His new condition could be labeled, Scooteritis.

What are the chance that Anderson Cooper is NOT a Bonesman?
I'd say, very low. Sub-basement.
Usually, Yale + CIA = Skull and Bones. Usually. I'm not say he IS. Just thinking on digital paper.

In 1954, this is what they thought a Home Computer in 2004 would look like.


Julie said...

That photo is a hoax. It's a museum picture of a submarine maneuvering room, with some extra stuff photoshopped in.

Danny said...

Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll make the correction in the next post, along with the snopes link.