Monday, January 22, 2007

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My ChaCha earning are increasing. It seems exponential. During the first few days, I was training, and didn't make any money. But I kept practicing the three keywords I choose, got drills on them, and finally got my first keyword to count me as Pro. For awhile, I was able to make money only on one key search word. Now, I have nine. I keep practicing the keywords that aren't yet Pro, they make me money, and I go onto the next keyword to practice. In between all that, I get regular searches on the keywords that do make me money.

I've met a few of the guides who actually do quite well. Most are either IT students, or specialists in a certain field. Womens health issues seems to be a big one. But, some of the guides actually work full time. I'm not planning on that, but it's interesting to know.

As I said before, ChaCha is still in it's 'beta' version, but it's getting better with each search. Have people actually influence the search results, instead of an algorithm, makes the results more relevant. Not all the time. On some subject, you can tell there's what I call, "peddler influence". Someone who has their own business trying to get searchers to come to it. Also, many of the guides pass each other through on keywords that they don't really know much about. But, the ones who are actually making a living at this aren't just treating it like a job, they treat it like a business.

Each guide gets to invite a certain number of guides. My number started off at 8. We get to make 10% of what those guides make. Guides who have had more searches, and higher 'level', get to do more invites. The really smart ones actually train their new guides, and get them going as fast as possible. Sounds a bit Amwayish, but it works pretty good.

I think ChaCha will have most of their bugs ironed out by summer. If you're interested in being a guide, email me at

Even with the efforts I'm making toward getting a job in the IT world, I still really want to get a Free Geek franchise going. If not here in Central Florida, somewhere. There's so many computers out there that people think are out of date, and they're not. Their systems are out of date, not the hardware. Sure, some really are old, and need to be junked, but not most.

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