Saturday, January 13, 2007

SunGard Responds

When I emailed Brian Madocks, CEO and President of SunGard, he responded quickly. Just a few hours. On Thursday, a representative of SunGard contacted me. She was very helpful, didn't give excuse, and gave me some information on the details of the issues.

From talking with my professors, SunGard is simply the end result that the students see in the chain of technology used at Valencia Community College. There are almost twenty more hardware and software solution providers involved. The problems students have experienced recently probably had nothing to do with SunGard's technologies. It probably has more to do with a local provider, and the 'pipe' at Valencia not being open wide enough.

So, SunGard has a lot of work to do, but not necessarily on this problem. It looks like they are working on technologies to provide the educational services I've described in this blog. Those concepts are a huge undertaking, and will require thousands, if not millions of people cooperating.

To all at SunGard, especially Mr. Madocks, hats off to you. Well, in my case, visors off to you.

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