Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Photo Albums

Anyone over twenty five has a few photo albums around. Maybe of their wedding, or weddings if the case may be (mine is). A few vacation albums. A family album. But who looks?

In the digital age, we have online photo albums. You can see mine on flickr. They even provide the html for the little badge to the right. I take snapshots whenever I see a shot, or just want to capture a moment. Nancy's asked me not to post some. No, not those kind. I mean ones where she hasn't brushed her hair. On my flickr page, you can click on my profile, and see who's albums I link to. Some are friends from far away. Friends I've never met, but I still can share their life, and mine with them. Some of them are famous.

Nancy's daughters have some pictures on their myspace pages. Nancy's blog has a link to her flickr page. My family has a photo album on our Yahoo House of Thompson group. In today's world, sharing your photo album is way easier.

I use Flickr, but here are some other options:
And we all know about YouTube. Sharing videos, especially family ones, is a great way for long distance families to keep in touch. Google Video, and Revver are some more Video sites. With Revver, they will actually share some of the income produced from the popularity of your video. YouTube is going to do that soon.

With most of these sites, you can decide who gets to see your pictures of videos, and who doesn't. If you just want your family to see them, you can choose that. If you want your family and friends to see them, you can choose that too. If you just want your sweetie to see them, well, you get the idea. You can keep your albums online without feeling like the world is watching.

But, if your like me -an attention hog- you hope the world is watching.

So, if you have an photo or video album site, send me a link: danny@coachdanny.net

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