Sunday, January 14, 2007


We ate dinner at Crispers Saturday night. We both had allergic reactions; swelling, bloating, dizziness, and...well, we probably should have slept with the windows open. We won't be eating Crispers sandwiches anytime soon. They did taste good, but didn't agree with us. I might give their salads a chance, but I don't like being really uncomfortable all weekend.

Read Nancy's Blog about our Saturday adventure rescuing a little baby squirrel. While you're at it, check out my flickr page, where you'll see a Wolf Hybrid we saw.

We went to Millinium Mall to pickup some Sage and Citrus plugin smelly-good thingies at Yankee Candle, but they were out. We did get a diffuser though. We're suppose to have more Open House showings this week, so we need our signature scent. (No, this wasn't one of my commercials. At least, not yet.)

ChaCha Update
I've progressed to Pro, but I still have to be trained on more keywords before I'm able to take more searches. Master Guides drill you, and you have to get rated at least ten times on a subject before they progress you. Some subjects don't have any guides helping yet, especially the more technical subjects. I noticed that I'm only one of four guides with Ubuntu as a keyword.

I have noticed that mostly women are guides. Not that I have a problem with that. Just on observation. I also noticed that some people might be promoting their own business interests. I guess that's to be expected, but hopefully the guide training process will root out those types.

I've tried a few searches. Some worked perfect, others didn't. For instance, I did a search on "Who is Mark Shuttleworth" to show someone how ChaCha works. After two failed attempts using the toolbar, we simply went to the main page. It took three tries to get a response. In the first try, the guide started helping us, but then nothing happen. This was probably not the guides fault, as the Guide Application is Java based, and is still in "Alpha" - not yet even beta. The application has froze on me a few times. We tried again, got a response, and pages came right up. ChaCha is a new technology, but seems to be growing fast. I'm glad to get the experience, especially on the ground floor of something like this.

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