Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Nickel and Dimed

It seems the push on the common man never stops. The greedy, unscrupulous types prey on those who have little means, if any, to fight back.

For almost three years, I had to live completely by cash. This was mostly due to what I believe to be identity theft. In 2003, someone showed up at my front door wanting to repossess a Chevrolet Impala. I've never owned an Impala. Nor would I. Ugly car. The repo man insisted I produce the car. The repo company attempted to gain access to my bank account, which I promptly closed. As I had only three bills, which could be paid by cash or money order, I didn't need it. I dealt with that, and thought the issue had been resolved.

Now, this company is seeking to collect on a lease which I NEVER SIGNED! In a place that, from what I can tell, no longer exists. How convenient. Things are starting to smell again.

These events are part of what Barbara Ehrenreich discusses in her book:

The common man, because he has little means, little counsel, and very little control, is easy prey. An easy target. Even when he does attempt to fix situations, red-tape (or so they claim) keeps in in-his-place. For instance; I paid off all my debts when my house in Gainesville was sold. Three of the payoffs were obviously not reported, and collectors are asking for the money. I will be as dust before they collect on anything. And, I follow the Die Broke philosophy:

As Stephen Pollan and Mark Levin say, "You're last check should be to the undertaker. And, it should bounce!"

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