Sunday, December 31, 2006


My Mom and Sister are in town, so we did stuff with them today. We went to the Orlando Science Center to see the display of Our Body - The Universe Within. If this comes to your hometown, or even nearby, don't miss it. Especially if your a Personal Trainer, this is a must-see. After we left we walked Park Avenue. Robin bought us some Chocolate Popcorn from PeterBrook Chocolate. Their chocolate covered popcorn must have cocaine, heroin, Marijuana, opium, and caffine mixed in to make it so addictive.

After that, we ate at Bosphorus restaurant on Park Avenue. Turkish food. It was excellent. It was recommended to us, and we now pass on that recommendation.

Tech Warning
I've found some free PocketPC programs. One program is a sound player, pretty much every audio file available. Pocket Windows Media Player wouldn't play .ogg files (vorbis). Ogg is the open source solution to MP3. You're suppose to pay a license fee if you use mp3 files or players. I've been looking for some way to support ogg files on PocketPC, and I found it. I also found a WiFi scanner utility on the same site. I'll have to check with legal to see if I can link to all those.

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