Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Adventure

Yesterday was our the fifth anniversary of our first date. I think that means we're going on our fifth year together. She's so lucky to have me.

We went to Islands of Adventure. Until Nancy's eye fully heals, she can't ride the really big roller coaster type rides. No biggy. There's still lots to do. We finally saw The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad stunt show. It seems that Sindbad is spelled wrong many times -as Sinbad. Even the new movie coming out this year with Keanu Reeves spelled it wrong. Some people are such sticklers for correct spelling, definition, grammar, and punctuation. Being a writer, I understand the flexibility of language, and that languages evolve, sometimes very quickly. People with a strong need for order and structure get irked when someone spels sumting rong. Someone at Universal seems to be that way. Sindbad isn't even an English word.

Anyway, we road on the Dr Suess tram. Click on my flickr pics to see that. After IOA (Islands of Adventure) we at at Margaritaville. We ate outside, and it was very similar to our first date at Bahama Breeze in Altamonte Springs. After that, we came home and cleaned up for the Open House today.

Gotta run now. On our way to the Fleet Peeples Dog Park.

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